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Campaign Finance Ruling.

The U.S. Supreme Court struck down the cap on the total amount of money wealthy donors can give to candidates and political committees. This could lead to a flood of new money into U.S. politics. According to experts and listeners, such change damages our democracy, gives the wealthy increased political influence and opens the doors [...]

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Health Insurance Enrollment: Extra Time.

ACA’s enrollment period closes with more than six million people signing up in the new insurance exchanges. High traffic and technical glitches kept many from completing the enrollment forms on time. Those consumers have now more time and may be able to finish their ACA application. This edition includes sections of the statement made by [...]

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Cops Arrested in Impounding Scam.

Nearly a half of the police force in a small California town was arrested, accused of taking part in a car theft scheme. King City’s police chief and other officers face charges of impounding and profiting from more than 200 cars belonging to poor Latino immigrant families. According to the prosecution, those targeted were undocumented [...]

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(Español) La redistritación sigue haciendo su trabajo de zapa para favorecer a los republicanos

(Español) Para comprender los patrones de votación en los distritos de la Cámara baja,Prensa Asociada dividió los votos de las elecciones presidenciales en los 435 distritos. “Dado que Obama sacó más votos que su rival republicano, Mitt Romney, uno tendería a pensar que ganó la mayoría de los distritos, pero no fue así”.

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(Español) Derriba la Suprema Corte límites a contribuciones federales de campañas electorales

(Español) El influyente rotativo capitalino concluye que la decisión del miércoles puede aumentar el gasto total de la campaña, pero también puede re orientar algunas campañas lejos de “Super PAC” y más hacia los candidatos y partidos.

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Immigration Reform: Discharge Petition.

House Democrats introduced a discharge petition, a tactical measure to force a vote on immigration reform. At the same time, a hunger strike continues in immigration detention centers in Texas and Washington, amid complaints of retaliation by ICE against alleged hunger strike leaders. Guests: Axkana Rios, Son of detainee at Northwest Detention Center, Portland, OR; [...]

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Immigration Reform: Executive Action.

President Obama ordered the Department of Homeland Security to make deportation policy “more humane” and review options to reduce deportations. What are those options? Experts explore options that the president has to humanize DHS and provide temporary status. In addition, congressmembers from the border area announce a bill to get the U.S. Border Patrol to [...]

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César Chávez Premiere.

  A biopic film that portrays the life and struggle of labor organizer César Chávez premieres this week in theaters around the nation. Titled César Chávez, the movie tells the story of the activist who battled for social justice in the fields through non-violent means, while striving to be a good husband and father. This program [...]

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(Español) Exigirán prueba de ciudadanía a nuevos votantes

(Español) En el 2004 Arizona aprobó una ley exigiendo prueba de ciudadanía con el propósito de evitar fraude electoral.

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Salt of the Earth: Take Two.

As many in Silver City, NM, celebrate the 60th anniversary of the once banned film Salt of the Earth, original cast members join this program to share memories and reflect on the changes catalyzed by the legendary movie and the historic events captured by the filmmakers. The film portrays a real life strike of Chicano [...]

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