Un grupo de jóvenes de Los Ángeles participará en el Recorrido de Soñadores. Foto: Rubén Tapia.

Dreamer Youth Travel to South to Promote Latino Vote

The young people will be talking with civic groups and lawmakers about the importance for their families of President Obama’s immigration measures, DACA and DAPA.

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DAPA Hearing in New Orleans.

TUESDAY, JULY 14. PROGRAM # 7564 12:00 PM PT DAPA Hearing in New Orleans. The appeal to lift DAPA injunction was heard on Friday in a court of appeals in New Orleans. Many advocates from around the country rallied in front of the court urging the judges to allow the temporary deportation relief program to […]

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Concha Buika.

MONDAY, JULY 13. PROGRAM # 7563 12:00 PM PT Concha Buika. A conversation with Grammy-winning singer Concha Buika. Born in Spain of Equatoguinean parents, Buika talks about her music, influenced by jazz, flamenco, soul and other rhythms. She also talks about her book of poems “A los que amaron a mujeres difíciles y terminaron por […]

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Mexico Edition.

FRIDAY, JULY 10. PROGRAM # 7562 12:00 PM PT Mexico Edition. Mexico needs to conserve its energy resources to produce food, because the growing drought in the southwestern United States will make the country reduce its farm production by 40 percent, affecting 47 million Mexicans who do not have enough to eat, warns a social […]

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Pablo Quiroz Manríquez, Artemio Posadas, y Dolores García tocan son huasteco. Foto: Zaidee Stavely.

Son Huasteco Brings Joy to Migrants and Young People in San Francisco Bay Area

“Doing this, I feel like this is part of Mexico, too,” says immigrant worker Héctor Plascencia.

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Protestan contra Trump en Washington, D.C. Foto: José López Zamorano.

Latino Activists Call for Apology from Donald Trump

A few weeks after the controversial declarations by multimillionaire magnate and presidential candidate Donald Trump, saying Mexican immigrants are rapists and criminals, the Republican Party is working urgently to repair the new damage to its image among Latino voters.

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Antonio Jiménez. Photo: Rubén Tapia.

Supermarket Chain El Súper Fined for Wage Theft

California’s Labor Commission found that the company did not pay overtime or give lunch or rest breaks to 20 workers at ten stores in Los Angeles.

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Migrants Turned Political Prisoners.

THURSDAY, JULY 9. PROGRAM # 7561 12:00 PM PT Migrants Turned Political Prisoners. In separate ways, two former U.S. residents returned to their native Mexico to fight drug cartels and corruption and ended up persecuted and in jail. They are now widely seen as political prisoners. This program revisits the case of Nestora Salgado, who […]

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The Sixth Mass Extinction.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 8. PROGRAM # 7560 12:00 PM PT The Sixth Mass Extinction. Scientists are warning that we are now entering a great mass extinction of animals and plants comparable to the one that wiped out the dinosaurs. The landmark study by an international group of scientists reveals that the Earth is entering into the […]

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(Español) Trumpgate: el mal no tiene nacionalidad

(Español) El aspirante a la nominación presidencial republicana, Jeb Bush, finalmente reaccionó este pasado fin de semana a los desafortunados comentarios de otro aspirante, Donald Trump, catalogando a los indocumentados mexicanos de violadores y criminales.

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