(Español) Acción de Gracias por los humildes

(Español) Ante un panorama tan negativo no parece haber razones por las cuales dar gracias. Pero no es así. He aprendido a dar gracias en medio de la mayor oscuridad, no sé si por experiencia de vida o como mecanismo de defensa.

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Refugees in the Crossfire.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24. PROGRAM # 7659 12:00 PM PT Refugees in the Crossfire. President Obama pledged to admit thousands of refugees fleeing violence in Syria. Following the tragic attacks in Paris, nearly half of the US governors asked the federal government not to resettle Syrians refugees into their state and the US House voted to […]

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Durante las jornadas o marcha de San Quintín a la capital del estado, Mexicali, BC

(Español) Sindicalización de jornaleros en San Quintín (primera)

(Español) Ante la constitución del sindicato que se va a operar el próximo 28, “existe una atención no sólo nacional, de todos los sindicatos, libres y democráticos… sino del movimiento mundial”.

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Latinas on the Rise.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 23. PROGRAM # 7658 12:00 PM PT Latinas on the Rise. Yakima elected for the first time in history Latina city councilmembers after the old at-large election system was abolished and citizens voted in districts for the first time. Three Latinas were elected, bringing with them the promise of major changes to this […]

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Mexico Edition.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20. PROGRAM # 7657 12:00 PM PT Mexico Edition. An activist reports that the government of Enrique Peña Nieto susepnded payment of 38,000 pesos to more than 40,000 former braceros, though funds were allocated to pay for this debt since 2012. Also, a transnational union leader says though the temporary agricultural workers program […]

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Reyes  y Telma Cuevas en la conferencia de prensa.

Why Become A Citizen?

A year before the 2016 elections, a group of civil organizations in Los Angeles is trying to get more permanent residents to take this important step. Our correspondent Rubén Tapia found a couple that resisted becoming U.S. citizens for a long time, but has now finally decided to do so.

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Democrats Debate on Wall Street and war in Syria

The debate, held in Des Moines, Iowa, started with questions about the attacks in Paris, and included heated exchanges about the influence of Wall Street in politics.

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Conservation Farming.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 19. PROGRAM # 7656 12:00 PM PT Conservation Farming. An interview with a farmer who won national recognition for innovative conservation agriculture practices. He moved from conventional farming, heavy on chemical fertilizers and pesticides, to using cover crops, less water, less diesel and strip-tillage. The results: improved soil health and crops of higher […]

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trabajadora CWI

(Español) Trabajadores de Immokalee en Park Ave por salarios y comida justa

(Español) “Pero no importa las veces que tengamos que regresar y tocar a sus puertas en busca de dialogo. Para nosotros, su rechazo nos da fuerza para aumentar el volumen de la campaña y le da a sus propios consumidores poderosas razones para unirse a nuestra lucha y ver la verdadera cara de Wendy’s y Peltz.”: Nely Rodríguez.

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Farm Worker Unionization in San Quintin.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 18. PROGRAM # 7655 12:00 PM PT Farm Worker Unionization in San Quintin. After widespread strikes protesting low wages and exploitation, farm laborers in the agro-export fields of San Quintin in Northern Mexico are building an independent labor union to bargain collectively for contract agreements. Recently, a union claiming to represent farm laborers […]

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