Mexico Edition.

FRIDAY, MAY 13 PROGRAM # 9622 12:00 PM PT Mexico Edition. After renewing agreements for cross-border collaboration, leaders from public radio networks Radio Educación in Mexico and US-based Radio Bilingüe discuss the opportunities and challenges for public media and their common vision for a public broadcast service that may impact the lives of Mexicans on […]

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Incendio en Nuevo México. Foto: Facebook.

Devastating Wildfire Continues to Rage Out of Control

Firefighting crews from across the Western United States continue to battle the nation’s largest wildfire and one of the most devastating in New Mexico state history. Thousands have been evacuated from the disaster zone and several communities are on red alert because of the rapidly advancing flames.

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Secretario de Educación de EE UU, Miguel Cardona. Foto: DOE.

Raising Teacher Salaries to Save Schools

The teacher shortage that has been plaguing public schools around the country has worsened during the pandemic. More and more teachers are leaving the profession, and schools are having trouble attracting new educators.

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Foto: Marily (con el bebé)

Tornado Survivor Rebuilds her Home Without Federal Aid

In the southern state of Alabama, a Salvadoran immigrant luckily saved her life and that of her family when a tornado destroyed the mobile home park where she lived. A year later, the family is reported to have recovered, albeit without having benefited from federal emergency assistance.

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Extra Edition: Quetzal Band.

THURSDAY, MAY 12 PROGRAM # 9620 11:00 AM PT Extra Edition: Quetzal Band. The Grammy Award winning band Quetzal is bringing musical performances and educational workshops to San Francisco. Known for their decades-long commitment to Son jarocho, the traditional music from Veracruz, Quetzal also celebrates rhythms popular in the barrios of East LA, including Chicano […]

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Covid-19 and Children. Also, The State of Vaccines and Tests in Rural California.

THURSDAY, MAY 12 PROGRAM # 9621 12:00 PM PT Covid-19 and Children. Covid-19 cases among children rose in recent months during the surge of the Omicron variant. An expert warns that more kids will get sick from Covid as infections surge. What are the short-term and the long-lasting effects of Covid in kids? How are […]

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(Español) Vuelven a NY campesinos de Immokalee con campaña sobre Programa de Comida Justa

(Español) “Los abusos a los derechos humanos han plagado a la industria durante demasiado tiempo, y esa es exactamente la razón por la que construimos el Programa de Comida Justa: para poner fin a esos abusos y recuperar nuestra dignidad.

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New Mexico in Flames.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 11 PROGRAM # 9619 12:00 PM PT New Mexico in Flames. Firefighting crews are battling one of the largest wildfires in decades in New Mexico. The acres burned in New Mexico this year are more than the past two years combined. Several towns are being threatened by the flames and thousands of residents […]

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Refugiados esperan su turno para ser atendidos por un agente de Inmigración. Foto: Heidi de Marco...

(Español) La defensa del asilo como última esperanza

(Español) “Recientes sondeos indican que los estadunidenses parecen favorecer que el Título 42 se mantenga, ante la percepción alimentada por los republicanos que se producirá una ‘invasión’ a este país cuya otra percepción es la de ser una potencia incapaz de manejar el aumento de migrantes en la frontera”.

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Extra Edition: Latinos at Most Risk of Dementia (Repeat Program.) Also, Health Care for the Undocumented.

TUESDAY, MAY 10 PROGRAM # 9617 11:00 AM PT Extra Edition: Latinos at Most Risk of Dementia (Repeat Program.) Senior Latinos are among the hardest hit by Alzheimer’s disease. A distinguished neuroscientist talks about why Latinos are the most at risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia, how giving birth more often or having less social support […]

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