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Can Well Drilling Be Stopped in California County Hit by Drought?

Under pressure from a new state law to administer water more efficiently, the board of supervisors of Tulare County, in California’s Central Valley, agreed to prepare a proposal to limit permits to drill new agricultural wells.

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Un estanque de evaporación de aguas en Kings County, una porción del Valle de San Joaquín, CA.

Will the New Water Law Relieve Poor Families’ Crisis?

“The farmworkers are still affected…there are more tan 2000 small water Wells that have no more water so these communities have to use bottled water.”

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Drought and Health Crisis.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 27 PROGRAM # 7962 12:00 PM PST. Drought and Health Crisis. Due to the extreme drought, hundreds of wells went dry and many residents have been without water in California’s San Joaquin Valley. And when water is scarce, the community may face a number of maladies, including poorer personal and food hygiene, more […]

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Mexico Edition.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 23 PROGRAM # 7960 12:00 PM PT Mexico Edition. The proposal for a green economy, promoted in the 1990s by environmental groups, was hijacked by governments and global corporations, to the extent that the global capitalist industry has not only evaded its responsibility for the devastation caused to the planet, but invented “the […]

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Latinos and The Water Crisis.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8 PROGRAM # 7949 12:00 PM PT Latinos and The Water Crisis. California is in its fifth year of an extreme drought and Latino communities in rural areas are bearing the brunt of the water crisis. Advocates and officials discuss the groundwater crisis, water-rights laws, the state drought relief package, pending initiatives in […]

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Pipeline Permit Denied at Standing Rock. Also, Post-Election Transition.

MONDAY, DECEMBER 5 PROGRAM # 7946 12:00 PM PST. Pipeline Permit Denied at Standing Rock. The US Army refused a permit to build the Dakota Access pipeline through Lake Oahe, the Missouri River and the Sioux Tribe’s sacred grounds. Indigenous leaders call this a historic action while pledging to stay vigilant. Guests: Mario Luna, Spokesperson […]

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A menacing air in Californiaís Central Valley

(Español) Cómo se gastarán los dineros de Cap And Trade en Fresno, California

(Español) El gobierno de California promete pagar el daño a las comunidades más golpeas o que respiran el aire más sucio, que resultan ser las comunidades de más bajos recursos económicos en este caso de la ciudad de Fresno, con el dinero que derive de la venta de dichos bonos de carbono.

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Irma Medellín. Directora de EL Quinto Sol de América. Foto: Rubén Tapia.

California Drought Affecting Health

The long drought affecting California for several years now is also affecting physical and mental health of the residents in some areas and towns in the Central Valley.

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Migrant Indians Visit Standing Rock.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28 PROGRAM # 7941 12:00 PM PST. Migrant Indians Visit Standing Rock. As the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and supporters continue to protest the building of an oil pipeline by Dakota Access, police escalated the use of force. They hosed demonstrators down with icy water and tear gas. In their fight against a […]

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Bakersfield, fiebre del  valle.

Forecasting an epidemic: Does weather hold the key to predicting valley fever outbreaks?

In the quarter century since, researchers and public health officials have come to see such dry and wet cycles as predictors of an upswing in the disease. That same weather pattern repeated itself between 2015 and 2016, and yet no one at the state or county level sounded an alarm in California or took measures to prepare for the threat of a valley fever surge.

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