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Keystone XL Pipeline Showdown. Also, Islamophobia’s Rise.

The Republican-controlled Congress passed a bill to build the Keystone XL oil pipeline. President Obama has promised to veto it, demanding time to determine whether the project is in the national interest. A top Democrat congressmember comments on this confrontation. Guest: Rep. Xavier Becerra, D-Los Angeles, Chair of the House Democratic Caucus. Also, Islamophobia’s Rise. […]

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(Español) Inversión federal y entrenamiento en nueva tecnología contra la sequía (última)

(Español) Se anticipa intervención del gobierno federal para costear los inflados costos del consumo de agua, no sólo para tomar, sino también para la prevención de próximas sequías. El Departamento del Interior anunció una erogación de 50 millones de dólares para hacerle frente a la sequía.

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(Español) Sequía continúa en California (primera)

(Español) La ciudad de Mendota ha sido una de las ciudades más duramente golpeadas por la sequía. En sus alrededores, más de 200 mil acres se han retirado del cultivo, lo que ha provocado que esta ciudad que antes se anunciaba orgullosamente como ‘la capital del melón’, es hoy la capital de la pobreza.

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California Drought Continues.

As California enters into a fourth year of drought, the aid is drying up. Local agencies are running out of funds to help farmworkers pay rent or get food, and small communities are having a hard time securing drinking water supplies. In Washington, California congressmembers push a bill to help drought-stricken communities better prepare for […]

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Un voluntario ayuda la a una señora con sus bolsas de comida.

Drought Aid in California to Evaporate

It’s estimated that thousands of families have benefited, but many still need help, and the funds are about to disappear. Our reporter Juan Santiago has more from Madera, California, one of the counties most affected by the drought.

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Fracking Bans. Also, Bullet Train: Breaking Ground.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that hydraulic fracturing (fracking) will be banned in New York. And recently, in California, in a major defeat to the oil industry, voters in two counties passed fracking bans. An environmental analyst explores the ramifications of these developments. Guests: Javier Sierra, Spokesperson, Sierra Club, Washington, DC. www.sierraclub.org. Also, Bullet […]

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Teletón for Disabled Children. Also, Global Climate Deals.

This week, the largest Spanish-language TV networks in North America host a telethon to raise millions for children with disabilities. TV personality Don Francisco started the first “teletón” in Chile, a project that is now hosted in Mexico, the US and several Latin American countries. The United Nations has questioned these campaigns, maintaining that the […]

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Dump Closed in Tijuana; Problems Remain

But what has happened with families that were affected by the dump? Are they still sick? And has the site been studied to determine the level of toxic substances? Manuel Ocaño reports from the border.

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Barack Obama

California: Climate Change Epicenter

Jerry Brown spoke to statespeople and businesspeople from around the world, highlighting the role at the forefront that the state has taken with policies like putting a price on carbon emissions and reducing greenhouse gases. We talked about the topic on Linea Abierta. Marco Vinicio González prepared this report.

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California: “Epicenter of Climate Change.”

On the eve of a summit of world leaders to work on a climate change agreement in 2015, hundreds of thousands marched in New York City in what is announced as the largest climate change protest on record. California Gov. Brown spoke at the UN conference defending plans to price carbon and emissions and reduce […]

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