El ambientalista venezolano, Manuel Terán, AKA Tortuguita, murió abatido por la policía de Georgia. Foto: DAF-HNS.

Protests Over Latino Activist’s Death at the Hands of Atlanta Police –

The police killing of a young activist who was protesting the construction of a huge police training center in Atlanta has sparked violent demonstrations in the city. Authorities claim that the slain environmental activist, Manuel Esteban Páez, a Venezuelan immigrant fired a gun as police were clearing out the camp where they were protesting.

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Extra Edition: California Storm Damage.

THURSDAY, JANUARY 26 PROGRAM # 9897 11:00 AM PT Extra Edition: California Storm Damage. Communities around California are devastated after a three-week series of winter storms. President Biden visited the disaster area and vowed to help residents rebuild. This is a report on the recovery efforts. Photo: Bob Dass via Flickr For more information about Linea Abierta click here […]

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El tubo de escape o la emisión del carbono de los combustibles fósiles es uno de las principales causas del calentamiento terrestre. Foto: www.sierraclub.org.

(Español) Petroleras predijeron el calentamiento global en los ‘70 pero se embarcaron en “un sabotaje planetario”

(Español) “Incluso a dichos científicos que alcanzaron tan preocupantes conclusiones, “los han llevado a las cortes, acusándolos ¡de difamación!”, por publicar las mismas conclusiones a las que llegaron los propios científicos de Exxon en la década de 1970”.

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Exxon Predicted Global Warming. Are Gas Stoves Safe? Limits on Soot Pollution.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 25 PROGRAM # 9896 12:00 PM PT Exxon Predicted Global Warming. A recent study showed that ExxonMobil’s own climate research accurately predicted the pace and severity of global warming. Despite that information, the company chose to publicly cast doubt for decades on climate science findings, including UN-sponsored research. UN leaders say “big oil […]

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Cultivos de Yadira Mendiola en Aromas, California, arrasados por las lluvias. Foto: KTA.

House Refuses to Raise Debt Ceiling, Nation Faces a Crisis

This week, the United States reached its national debt ceiling, and if Congress fails to reach a deal, the economy could go into crisis. Congress usually authorizes raising the debt limit.

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Extra Edition: Flood Disaster Response.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 17 PROGRAM # 9887 11:00 AM PT Extra Edition: Flood Disaster Response. In California, millions of people have been under evacuation orders or warnings due to heavy rains and widespread floods. A news contributor reports on the plight of the town of Planada and other Central Valley communities that have been under flood […]

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Anuncio de inundación en la carretera de San Martin, California. Foto: Royalty Free dreamstime.com.

Severe Storms Cause Thousands to Evacuate in California

The state continues to suffer from torrential rains, overflowing rivers, towns under water, downed trees, massive power outages, and mudslides.

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Chaos in Congress. Biden in Mexico. California Huge Storm.

MONDAY, JANUARY 9 PROGRAM # 9879 12:00 PM PT Chaos in Congress. Blocked by a fraction of far-right rebels, the Republican majority in the House has failed to elect the next speaker and without a leader, Congress can’t convene, vote on any rules or pass any legislation. What’s driving this Republican infight? What does this […]

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Elsy Chavez Buzon de Correo_Marshall Fire

One Year After the Devastating Colorado Fire, Why Have So Few Rebuilt their Homes?

A year ago, fierce winds unexpectedly unleashed the most destructive fire in Colorado’s history. The fire started in the forest and quickly spread to the urban area, causing the evacuation of thousands, two deaths, the destruction of more than a thousand homes and structures, and multi-million dollar losses.

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Esta formación de agua en la presa de Monticello, en Sonoma, California es para evitar el desbordamiento en casos de fuertes lluvias e inundaciones. Foto: https://www.dreamstime.com/lake-berryessa...

(Español) California: Estado de emergencia por efecto de río atmosférico

(Español) Los fenómenos meteorológicos extremos que ha estado sufriendo California, conocidos como “ríos atmosféricos” y descritos también como “ríos en el cielo” desencadenan tormentas devastadoras.

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