Dreamers Visit Mexico.

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 3. PROGRAM # 7601 12:00 PM PT Dreamers Visit Mexico. DACA-protected Dreamers from colleges and universities around the country travel to their native communities in Mexico in an often-emotional visit to reconnect with their roots. As they return to the U.S., the Dreamers are becoming active promoters of bi-national travel missions and advocates […]

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Immigration Dialogue in Iowa.

MONDAY, AUGUST 31. PROGRAM # 7598 12:00 PM PT Immigration Dialogue in Iowa. A local columnist and community leaders convened a town hall meeting this weekend in Iowa to discuss immigration reform. The forum was held in Storm Lake, a town that is among the most transformed by newcomers in Iowa, state scheduled to kick […]

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“Anchor Babies” and the GOP Race.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 25. PROGRAM # 7594 12:00 PM PT “Anchor Babies” and the GOP Race. The Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump promises to build a wall along the border, round up millions of undocumented immigrants and declares a war on “anchor babies,” end birthright citizenship. While most Republican candidates are supporting Trump’s plan, some conservatives […]

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Buffer Zones for Pesticides.

MONDAY, AUGUST 24. PROGRAM # 7593 12:00 PM PT Buffer Zones for Pesticides. Hazardous agricultural pesticides are sprayed near hundreds of public schools in California. Exposure to pesticide vapors and dust can have serious risks of cancer, autism, asthma and learning disorders in kids. Latino schoolchildren are most at risk of exposure to fumigants and […]

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Dreamer Moms. Also, Arpaio Suit Rejected. Also, presidential candidate Donald Trump unveiled his immigration plan.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 18. PROGRAM # 7589 12:00 PM PT Dreamer Moms. A conversation with the leader of a group of deported moms, who represents families separated by deportation. Living in Mexico and separated from her children, she speaks about her children plight and her efforts to pass a bill in the U.S. House to allow […]

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Kenia Castillo celebró su nuevo camino como luchadora social en sus quinceaños. Foto: Rubén Tapia.

From Child to Social Justice Activist

A girl’s 15th birthday party, or quinceañera, in Los Angeles, went beyond the traditional ceremony celebrating the transition of a girl into a woman, and became a double rite of passage, celebrating the transition of a young, ordinary citizen into an active, promising community leader. Our correspondent in Los Angeles, Rubén Tapia, witnessed Kenia Castillo’s […]

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Voting Rights Act at 50.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 6. PROGRAM # 7581 12:00 PM PT Voting Rights Act at 50. On the day marking the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, which included landmark protections against voting discrimination on the basis of race or language, we bring a conversation with a pioneering legislator who four decades ago broke ground as […]

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Fuente de Agua4All instalada en un parque de Lamont. Foto: Rubén Tapia.

Drinking Fountains Installed to Fight Obesity

Concerned about the lack of clean drinking water in many rural areas of California, a coalition of organizations is installing drinking fountains of filtered water in certain communities.

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The Bilingual Advantage.

TUESDAY, JULY 28. PROGRAM # 7574 12:00 PM PT The Bilingual Advantage. Is being bilingual good for your job prospects? Contrary to what English Only proponents would say, leading scholars conclude that bilingual speakers enjoy a number of economic benefits in today’s globalized U.S. labor market. An education expert discusses the economics of bilingualism for […]

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“Spare Parts.” Also, “McFarland, USA.”

WEDNESDAY, JULY 22. PROGRAM # 7570 12:00 PM PT “Spare Parts.” This drama film tells the real life story of four Mexican students from a Phoenix high school who form a robotics club and compete in a national underwater robotics contest. With a robot made out of used car parts, they go up against MIT, […]

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