Deportees cross en masse to ask for political asylum

Deported immigrants showed up in large numbers this week at a border entry, trying to return to the United States legally, as part of the movement called Bring them Home. More than 30 young dreamers, who grew up in the United States before being deported…

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Covering young immigrants.

In California, unlike most states, tens of thousands of young, DACA-recipient immigrants are eligible for Medi-Cal, the safety net for the poor. Still, not many seek these services out of fear of deportation or other barriers to enrolling. In response, a California legislator is spearheading a bill to expand health coverage to all, including the [...]

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Immigration Reform: Executive or Legislative Action.

The politics of immigration in states with growing Latino electorates, the “Fast for Families” bus tour across 75 congressional districts in the U.S., the calls for executive action to halt deportations, and the report by an independent panel condemning the U.S. Border Patrol use of deadly force, are topics of conversation in this Immigration Edition. [...]

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(Español) Anuncia Obama iniciativa pública y privada de ayuda a jóvenes de las minorías

(Español) La Casa Blanca cuenta una inversión inicial de 150 millones de dólares en el gasto corriente ya aprobado, y las fundaciones involucradas anuncian que en los próximos cinco años invertirán al menos otros 200 millones de dólares.

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“My Brother’s Keeper.”

On this day, President Obama is launching an initiative reaching out to young Blacks and Latinos, the population with the highest jobless rates. The project, called “My Brother’s Keeper,” seeks to enlist the help of philanthropists and businesses to support mentoring programs and activities to keep youth of color in school and out of prison. [...]

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Why Latinos Live Longer Lives. Also, Expanding Medicaid.

Despite being heavily impacted by diabetes and other chronic diseases, Latinos are known to have a longer life than non-Latino Whites. A new, landmark study involving thousands of Latinos may provide some answers and help understand why Latinos are living longer than others. Guest: Dr. Jane Delgado, President and executive director, National Alliance for Hispanic [...]

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(Español) Mayoría de jóvenes indocumentados no cuentan con seguro médico en California

(Español) Los investigadores recomiendan la aprobación del proyecto de ley 1005, del senador estatal demócrata, Ricardo Lara, que de ser aprobada ampliaría la cobertura médica a la población indocumentada y sin seguro médico que en el estado se calcula en más de un millón de personas.

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DACA Renewals.

Federal immigration authorities released instructions on how young Dreamers can renew Deferred Action for Children Arrivals, the benefit that provides young immigrants with a two-year deportation reprieve and work permits. How to prepare and when to submit the renewal form? Attorney Rosalba Piña joins this edition from Chicago to comment on these developments and answer [...]

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ConnectED. Also, Restoring Net Neutrality.

President Obama announced a new initiative called ConnectED, designed to connect 99 per cent of students to the Internet through high-speed broadband and high-speed wireless within five years. The leader of this program shares details. Guest: Richard Culatta, Director, Office of Educational Technology and Lead on ConnectED Initiative, U.S. Department of Education, Washington, DC. Also, [...]

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Common Core: Ready?

This year 45 states and the District of Columbia are starting to use the new Common Core State Standards for English language and math. The education initiative was designed to revamp the way schools teach and assess students, placing less emphasis on memorization and more on critical thinking, reasoning and problem solving. It seeks to [...]

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