The Year in Review.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 31. PROGRAM # 7686 12:00 PM PT The Year in Review. Thousands of farm workers staged an unprecedented walk out in San Quintin. Parents of the Ayotzinapa disappeared bring their plight to the US. Juan Felipe Herrera makes history as the first Latino poet laureate in the US. Key players remember the Grape […]

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“East of Salinas.” Also, LGBTs in the Fields.

MONDAY, DECEMBER 28. PROGRAM # 7683 12:00 PM PT “East of Salinas.” This film tells the story of a gifted third-grade boy who dreams of a life better than the hard-working fields and the gang-riddled streets of Salinas. And it’s also the story of his dedicated teacher, who is also a son of migrants. While […]

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New Education Reform.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 15. PROGRAM # 7674 12:00 PM PT New Education Reform. President Obama signed into law a major education reform, which rewrites No Child Left Behind and ends federal control of public education. The new measure keeps the mandatory standardized testing in reading and math but allows state and local officials to set performance […]

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Latino Home Buying. Also, Common Core Tests: Confusion.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 4. PROGRAM # 7645 12:00 PM PT Latino Home Buying. Homeownership rates among Latino households have been declining since the last recession. Many are still recovering from the housing crash and struggle to buy a home when they move. Why are Latinos less able to buy a home? An expert reports on the […]

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Familias inmigrantes y el senador Ricardo Lara (centro) en el anuncio de la ley ‘SB 4’ en Los Ángeles, California.

Health for All Minors.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22. PROGRAM # 7636 12:00 PM PT Health for All Minors. California Gov. Brown signed a new law to extend health care coverage to undocumented children. beginning in May 2016, Medi-Cal, the public health state program for the poor, will extend coverage to about 170,000 undocumented children under age 19. How is California’s […]

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Latino Students: Graduation Numbers.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 19. PROGRAM # 7633 12:00 PM PT Latino Students: Graduation Numbers. In this exclusive interview, US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan talks about his ideas about expanding preschool to all children, the student debt crisis and free college education, the school-to-prison pipeline, and the investment in bilingual programs. He says Latino high school […]

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Banning Private Prisons. Also, Fasting for DAPA.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 13. PROGRAM # 7629 12:00 PM PT Banning Private Prisons. A Latino congressman has introduced a bill in Washington, named “Justice is not for Sale Act,” to end family detention, ban for-profit prisons and curb a mandate requiring federal agencies to fill tens of thousands of beds for detained immigrants. This and other […]

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International Tribunal of Conscience. Also, Ayotzinapa Mothers. Also, Colombian Peace Pact.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1. PROGRAM # 7621 12:00 PM PT International Tribunal of Conscience. On the first anniversary of the disappearance of 43 Ayotzinapa students and the opening session of the United Nations, an international grassroots tribunal held hearings this week in New York City charging the Mexican government with crimes against humanity. Jurors from three […]

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Martha Cueva con unos niños del programa extraescolar del Instituto del Área de la Bahía para el Progreso Hispano. Foto: Clara Roig Medina.

Low-Income Families Struggle to Find Quality Childcare

In California, a bill awaiting Governor Brown’s signature seeks to guarantee quality care, by preparing childcare workers better.

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Protest outside the Reagan Library. Photo: Rubén Tapia.

Families Protest Hate Speech in Republican Debate

The second Republican presidential debate, held in Simi Valley, California, again brought up the issues of closing borders, removing the right to citizenship for children of immigrants, and deporting immigrants, as a response to a failed immigration system. Outside the Reagan Library, where the debate was held, a group of union leaders, activists, and families […]

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