Fuente de Agua4All instalada en un parque de Lamont. Foto: Rubén Tapia.

Drinking Fountains Installed to Fight Obesity

Concerned about the lack of clean drinking water in many rural areas of California, a coalition of organizations is installing drinking fountains of filtered water in certain communities.

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The Bilingual Advantage.

TUESDAY, JULY 28. PROGRAM # 7574 12:00 PM PT The Bilingual Advantage. Is being bilingual good for your job prospects? Contrary to what English Only proponents would say, leading scholars conclude that bilingual speakers enjoy a number of economic benefits in today’s globalized U.S. labor market. An education expert discusses the economics of bilingualism for […]

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“McFarland, USA.”

WEDNESDAY, JULY 22. PROGRAM # 7570 12:00 PM PT “McFarland, USA.” This Disney movie tells the true story of a group of Mexican-American teenage farmworkers and the high school coach who transforms them into a championship cross-country team. McFarland is a small town in rural California. Guests: TBC Photo: For more information about Linea Abierta click here To […]

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Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin De León with the young people. Photo: Fernando Andrés Torres.

Young People Push for Anti-Wage-Theft Law in California

The bill would give the California Labor Comissioner the tools to demand that companies pay a bond if they have been ordered to pay backwages and still have not.

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Un grupo de jóvenes de Los Ángeles participará en el Recorrido de Soñadores. Foto: Rubén Tapia.

Dreamer Youth Travel to South to Promote Latino Vote

The young people will be talking with civic groups and lawmakers about the importance for their families of President Obama’s immigration measures, DACA and DAPA.

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DAPA Hearing in New Orleans.

TUESDAY, JULY 14. PROGRAM # 7564 12:00 PM PT DAPA Hearing in New Orleans. The appeal to lift DAPA injunction was heard on Friday in a court of appeals in New Orleans. Many advocates from around the country rallied in front of the court urging the judges to allow the temporary deportation relief program to […]

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Pablo Quiroz Manríquez, Artemio Posadas, y Dolores García tocan son huasteco. Foto: Zaidee Stavely.

Son Huasteco Brings Joy to Migrants and Young People in San Francisco Bay Area

“Doing this, I feel like this is part of Mexico, too,” says immigrant worker Héctor Plascencia.

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Tres de cuatro niños en algunas escuelas de Oakland reportan haber perdido a alguien cercano por la violencia. Foto: Adam Grossberg/KQED

Violence Obstructs Education of Thousands of Children in Oakland Schools

In some schools in Oakland, three out of four children have lost a loved one to violence. The effects spill over into the classroom.

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Immigration Edition.

TUESDAY, JUNE 9. PROGRAM # 7539 12:00 PM PT Immigration Edition. A leading immigration advocate comments on the next steps after a federal court of appeals decided to leave in place an injunction blocking President Obama’s executive actions. He outlines the scenarios, the legal strategies and the prospective timeline. He also comments on the calls […]

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Un especialista en tecnología del distrito de Oakland, Chris Beatty, le ayuda a Jacqueline a usar una computadora para leer. Foto: Zaidee Stavely.

Nine-Year-Old Girl, Paralyzed by Bullet, Struggles to Continue Education

A stray bullet cost Jacqueline Funes months of schooling, and she is now struggling to be able to learn, and live, as she did before.

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