International Tribunal of Conscience. Also, Ayotzinapa Mothers. Also, Colombian Peace Pact.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1. PROGRAM # 7621 12:00 PM PT International Tribunal of Conscience. On the first anniversary of the disappearance of 43 Ayotzinapa students and the opening session of the United Nations, an international grassroots tribunal held hearings this week in New York City charging the Mexican government with crimes against humanity. Jurors from three […]

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Martha Cueva con unos niños del programa extraescolar del Instituto del Área de la Bahía para el Progreso Hispano. Foto: Clara Roig Medina.

Low-Income Families Struggle to Find Quality Childcare

In California, a bill awaiting Governor Brown’s signature seeks to guarantee quality care, by preparing childcare workers better.

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Protest outside the Reagan Library. Photo: Rubén Tapia.

Families Protest Hate Speech in Republican Debate

The second Republican presidential debate, held in Simi Valley, California, again brought up the issues of closing borders, removing the right to citizenship for children of immigrants, and deporting immigrants, as a response to a failed immigration system. Outside the Reagan Library, where the debate was held, a group of union leaders, activists, and families […]

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Kenia Carolina Alcocer, una beneficiaria de DACA, supo que tenía derecho a MediCal cuando se embarazó de su nena que ahora tiene siete meses de nacida. Foto: Araceli Martínez.

Why Aren’t More DACA Recipients Applying for MediCal?

In California, young immigrants who have benefited from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and who are low-income, can apply for health insurance for low-income individuals.

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El Parque Romain. Foto: Juan Santiago.

Neighbors Organize for Parks In a City Sorely Lacking Green Space

Fresno, the biggest city in California’s Central Valley, is one of the country’s cities with the fewest public parks available for its population and that keeps them least well-maintained.

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Monday 2_673x324

Challenging the Capital of Expulsions.

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 14. PROGRAM # 7608 12:00 PM PT Challenging the Capital of Expulsions. Civil rights advocates representing students and parents are battling Kern County’s high school district in court, arguing that local schools’ discipline practices discriminate against students of color. In Kern, Latino and African American students are far more likely than their white […]

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Dreamers Visit Mexico.

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 3. PROGRAM # 7601 12:00 PM PT Dreamers Visit Mexico. DACA-protected Dreamers from colleges and universities around the country travel to their native communities in Mexico in an often-emotional visit to reconnect with their roots. As they return to the U.S., the Dreamers are becoming active promoters of bi-national travel missions and advocates […]

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Immigration Dialogue in Iowa.

MONDAY, AUGUST 31. PROGRAM # 7598 12:00 PM PT Immigration Dialogue in Iowa. A local columnist and community leaders convened a town hall meeting this weekend in Iowa to discuss immigration reform. The forum was held in Storm Lake, a town that is among the most transformed by newcomers in Iowa, state scheduled to kick […]

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“Anchor Babies” and the GOP Race.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 25. PROGRAM # 7594 12:00 PM PT “Anchor Babies” and the GOP Race. The Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump promises to build a wall along the border, round up millions of undocumented immigrants and declares a war on “anchor babies,” end birthright citizenship. While most Republican candidates are supporting Trump’s plan, some conservatives […]

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Buffer Zones for Pesticides.

MONDAY, AUGUST 24. PROGRAM # 7593 12:00 PM PT Buffer Zones for Pesticides. Hazardous agricultural pesticides are sprayed near hundreds of public schools in California. Exposure to pesticide vapors and dust can have serious risks of cancer, autism, asthma and learning disorders in kids. Latino schoolchildren are most at risk of exposure to fumigants and […]

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