(Español) Por qué los adultos jóvenes tienen menos sexo que el que tuvieron sus padres

(Español) El sexo también tiene una correlación con los ingresos. Los adultos jóvenes que ganan menos dinero tienen más probabilidades de no tener relaciones sexuales que sus pares que ganan más.

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Mom’s Day. Moms for Clean Air. Uvalde Mom’s Story of Courage.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 10 PROGRAM # 10001 12:00 PM PT Mom’s Day. Over Mother’s Day week, moms across the U.S. are speaking out about issues they say affect US families the most, including paid family leave, affordable child care, maternal health care, home care, healthy food in schools, junk food advertising aimed at kids and more. […]

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Colorado Gun Reforms. Free School Meals for All Students. A Worker Owned Mushroom Farm Coop?

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19 PROGRAM # 9980 12:00 PM PT Colorado Gun Reforms. Amid growing Capitol rallies by students protesting school shootings, the Colorado legislature passed the most significant package of gun control legislation in state history. The bills include raising the age limit to purchase firearms; making it easier to sue gun manufacturers; and expanding […]

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Immigration Edition.

TUESDAY, APRIL 18 PROGRAM # 9979 12:00 PM PT Immigration Edition. President Biden announced that immigrants recipients of DACA will be able to get health coverage through Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act if eligible. What to expect from conservative states? A leading “Dreamer” examines the proposed rule. In other news, Florida Gov. DeSantis and […]

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Top Latino Issues in Education. Colorado Universal Preschool. English Learners Beat the Odds.

MONDAY, APRIL 17 PROGRAM # 9977 12:00 PM PT Top Latino Issues in Education. Promising “bold leadership to transform public education to benefit all students, particularly those historically marginalized,” former mayor Jorge Elorza took over a national organization that advocates for educational equity. In this conversation, he discusses current issues, including the struggles of poor […]

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Estudiantes latinos se hicieron presente en las protestas estudiantiles de Nashville, Tennessee. Foto: TIRRC-HNS.

Ousted Legislators in Tennessee Reinstated After Intense Youth Protests

Two African-American Democratic legislators who were ousted from the Tennessee legislature have been reinstated after their local governments voted in their favor and intense student protests were held in the state’s capitol.

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Nashville Massive Walkouts Over Gun Violence. Also, Anti-Trans Legislation Wave.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12 PROGRAM # 9973 12:00 PM PT Nashville Massive Walkouts Over Gun Violence. The Nashville school shooting sparked massive walkouts in Tennessee and around the nation. Students demanded gun reform. And after House Republicans expelled two young Black Democrats over those rallies, hundreds filled the capitol to protest the retaliation move. Reporters and […]

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El "nómada digital" Lex Verstralen (camiseta de las Chivas) viendo el clásico Chivas vs. América en una de las reuniones de extranjeros que se llevó a cabo el mes pasado. Foto: Arturo Campos Cedillo.

(Español) Lazos biculturales, binacionales y bilingües que unen a mexican dreamers y expatriados en Guadalajara

(Español) “… antes de mudarse a Guadalajara vivió en diversas ciudades de la República incluida la Ciudad de México y en el estado de Tamaulipas. Y explicó que eligió la Perla Tapatía ya que es el lugar que más se parece a la ciudad de Los Ángeles”.

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Extra Edition: Dreamers in Mexico.

THURSDAY, APRIL 6 PROGRAM # 9967 11:00 AM PT Extra Edition: Dreamers in Mexico. Most are Millennials and Centennials, speak English and gravitate towards the largest Mexican metropolis. They are the deportees and repatriates known as the “Mexican Dreamers.” During the pandemic crisis, this community of “Dreamers” felt compelled to expand by building new bonds […]

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Student Debt Relief in Limbo. How to Stay Insured After Covid Benefits End. Building a Climate Resilient Community.

THURSDAY, MARCH 9 PROGRAM # 9940 12:00 PM PT Student Debt Relief in Limbo. The Supreme Court’s conservative majority appeared skeptical of President Biden’s plan for student loan forgiveness after hearing arguments last week. More than 16 million have been approved for relief, but the benefit has been on hold due to legal challenges from […]

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