El ambientalista venezolano, Manuel Terán, AKA Tortuguita, murió abatido por la policía de Georgia. Foto: DAF-HNS.

Protests Over Latino Activist’s Death at the Hands of Atlanta Police –

The police killing of a young activist who was protesting the construction of a huge police training center in Atlanta has sparked violent demonstrations in the city. Authorities claim that the slain environmental activist, Manuel Esteban Páez, a Venezuelan immigrant fired a gun as police were clearing out the camp where they were protesting.

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New Retirement Savings Rules. Also, Banned Books.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11 PROGRAM # 9882 12:00 PM PT New Retirement Savings Rules. The Omnibus bill signed by President Biden includes new retirement savings provisions – known as Secure 2.0 – that could make it easier to accumulate retirement savings — and make it less costly to withdraw them. The provisions include requiring employers to […]

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Mujeres exigen respeto a decisions de salud con respecto a sus cuerpos. ACLU/HNS

Roundup of Headline News in 2022

Latino voters proved decisive in the crucial November midterm elections. Some Latino candidates made history by becoming the first in their regions to hold congressional seats. Meanwhile, in the face of increasingly frequent and devastating disasters, President Biden signed the largest climate investment initiative in U.S. history.

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Extra Edition: The Other Football.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 15 PROGRAM # 9855 11:00 AM PT Extra Edition: The Other Football. Academic researchers are launching a digital archive built by college students and volunteer fans to document the history of soccer in the San Joaquin Valley and how migration has shaped the culture of soccer in these farm working communities. The organizer […]

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Immigration Edition.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 13 PROGRAM # 9853 12:00 PM PT Immigration Edition. Senators Thom Tillis (R-NC) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) are working on a immigration reform plan that would provide a permanent pathway to legalization for 2 million Dreamers, increase funding for border security, and extend Title 42. Immigrant advocates and legislators comment on this development […]

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Virus Trifecta Spreads. Children and Pandemic Protections. Hunger in Los Angeles.

MONDAY, DECEMBER 12 PROGRAM # 9851 12:00 PM PT Virus Trifecta Spreads. As we enter another holiday winter season, COVID-19 and other viruses are spreading widely and things are getting worse. Cases of coronavirus, flu and respiratory syncytial infections are rapidly rising in communities around the country. What to do in anticipation of the holiday […]

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Extra Edition: Universal Pre-School State. (A Repeat.) Abortion Rights Supported by Voters. Climate Crisis and Loss of Species.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6 PROGRAM # 9845 11:00 AM PT Extra Edition: Universal Pre-School State. (A Repeat.) New Mexico voted last week to make pre-K a universal right. A ballot measure will make New Mexico the first state in the country to guarantee a constitutional right to early childhood education. The measure gives lawmakers the green […]

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Sodas Endanger Latino Kids. Also, Underutilized Health Care Services.

MONDAY, DECEMBER 5 PROGRAM # 9844 12:00 PM PT Sodas Endanger Latino Kids. Sodas and sugary drinks are the leading contributors to the high prevalence of childhood and teen obesity and tooth decay, and type 2 diabetes. In a new report coinciding with National Diabetes Month, Los Angeles County public health authorities warn that Black […]

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Dreamers en Arizona. Foto: Cortesía.

(Español) Última oportunidad para cumplir la promesa de legalizar a los Dreamers

(Español) De todos modos, la todavía mayoría demócrata debe tratar de cerrar un año electoral donde no les fue tan mal como se anticipaba, impulsando la legalización de los Dreamers para al menos comenzar a hacer realidad tanta promesa incumplida.

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Dreamers también tocan puertas del Capitolio en California. Foto: página de Chirla en Facebook.

(Español) Soñador pide presionar al Congreso a pasar la Dream Act en última sesión legislativa

(Español) “Las cortes no van a salvar DACA. Lo único que puede salvar DACA y salvar no nada más a mi familia sino a la de todos los 600 mil beneficiarios de DACA en el país es el Congreso… porque si no, ¿qué va a pasar con mi hijo ciudadano norteamericano, qué va a pasar con todo el trabajo que he hecho?…”.

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