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Guatemalans in Arizona Have Mixed Feelings About Crisis

In less than a week, the president resigned, was arrested for alleged corruption, and Guatemalans voted in primary elections for a new president.

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California Legislative Review.

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10. PROGRAM # 7606 12:00 PM PT California Legislative Review. A landmark bill to fight climate change by reducing gas consumption was gutted, leaving vulnerable communities and children at greater risk of asthma attacks and other ills from toxic smog. Also, a bill named SB 4 or Health for All Children, which would […]

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Reforming Guest Worker Program. Also, Au Pairs: Cheap Child Care?

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9. PROGRAM # 7605 12:00 PM PT Reforming Guest Worker Program. As Congress resumes sessions, conservative members of Congress move in the appropriations process to block new rules issued by the Department of Labor to bring protections for foreign guest workers, while progressive congressmembers prepare legislation demanding stronger protections against the abuse of […]

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Pro-immigrant Package. Also, 100 Women, 100 Mile Pilgrimage.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8. PROGRAM # 7604 12:00 PM PT Pro-immigrant Package. California’s legislature has passed several pro-immigrant bills, including one to protect immigrant crime victims against the threat of deportation and another one, signed by Gov. Brown, to remove the term “alien” from the state labor code. An effort seeking a federal waiver to allow […]

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Dreamers Visit Mexico.

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 3. PROGRAM # 7601 12:00 PM PT Dreamers Visit Mexico. DACA-protected Dreamers from colleges and universities around the country travel to their native communities in Mexico in an often-emotional visit to reconnect with their roots. As they return to the U.S., the Dreamers are becoming active promoters of bi-national travel missions and advocates […]

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Immigration Dialogue in Iowa.

MONDAY, AUGUST 31. PROGRAM # 7598 12:00 PM PT Immigration Dialogue in Iowa. A local columnist and community leaders convened a town hall meeting this weekend in Iowa to discuss immigration reform. The forum was held in Storm Lake, a town that is among the most transformed by newcomers in Iowa, state scheduled to kick […]

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José Ernesto Hernández y su esposa Marcelina dicen que han tenido muchas dificultades con la traducción. Foto Cortesía de Fausto Sánchez, CRLA.

Mixteco Immigrants in California Struggle to Get Social Services in their Language

In Kern County, residents report that when they go to get healthcare, to their children’s schools, or to ask for emergency help, a lot of the time they can’t find an interpreter who speaks the same language.

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Foto: National Guestworker Alliance

More Protections for Guest Workers Sought in Washington

Congressman Raúl Grijalva offered to present a reform plan. Some hope it will include flexibility to change employers, a guarantee of 100 percent of promised hours, and permission to stay in the United States if the worker is abused.

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“Anchor Babies” and the GOP Race.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 25. PROGRAM # 7594 12:00 PM PT “Anchor Babies” and the GOP Race. The Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump promises to build a wall along the border, round up millions of undocumented immigrants and declares a war on “anchor babies,” end birthright citizenship. While most Republican candidates are supporting Trump’s plan, some conservatives […]

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Claudia Acosta se gana la vida con la venta de churros y cuidando niños. Foto: Araceli Martínez.

California Bill Would Allow Undocumented Immigrants to Buy On Health Exchange

If the bill becomes law, the federal government would still have to approve an exemption, to allow undocumented immigrants buy health insurance plans on Covered California.

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