Emma Sánchez dice que se casaron para enseñar que la barda no puede separar el amor. Foto: Manuel Ocaño.

Couple Separated by Deportation Marries On the Border

More than nine years ago, Emma Sánchez was deported to Mexico and forced to live separated from her three children and her husband, a U.S. marine. Now the couple married again in Tijuana, in a religious ceremony alongside the border fence.

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Ahold USA to Buy Fair-Food Tomatoes. Conflict in Blueberry Fields.

THURSDAY, JULY 30. PROGRAM # 7576 12:00 PM PT Ahold USA to Buy Fair-Food Tomatoes. In a landmark victory for Florida’s organized farmworkers, Ahold USA, the parent company to Stop and Shop and other supermarket chains, has signed on to the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ Fair Food program. This is the first major U.S. grocer […]

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El 17 de julio miles de personas protestaron contra el Sheriff Arpaio en el marco de la Convención de Netroots. Foto: Valeria Fernández.

In Settlement, Sheriff Arpaio Does Not Admit Responsibility

Almost all the charges brought against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio by the Department of Justice ended with a legal settlement in which Arpaio does not admit responsibility. There is still a separate case pending that accuses Arpaio of contempt of court.

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“McFarland, USA.”

WEDNESDAY, JULY 22. PROGRAM # 7570 12:00 PM PT “McFarland, USA.” This Disney movie tells the true story of a group of Mexican-American teenage farmworkers and the high school coach who transforms them into a championship cross-country team. McFarland is a small town in rural California. Guests: TBC Photo: For more information about Linea Abierta click here To […]

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Orphan and Exile Children.

TUESDAY, JULY 21. PROGRAM # 7569 12:00 PM PT Orphan and Exile Children. Children in mixed-status families live under the constant threat that their parents will suddenly be deported. Under the current immigration system, they often end up living in silence and secrecy, suffering severe psychological traumas from the devastating loss of a parent or […]

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Un grupo de jóvenes de Los Ángeles participará en el Recorrido de Soñadores. Foto: Rubén Tapia.

Dreamer Youth Travel to South to Promote Latino Vote

The young people will be talking with civic groups and lawmakers about the importance for their families of President Obama’s immigration measures, DACA and DAPA.

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DAPA Hearing in New Orleans.

TUESDAY, JULY 14. PROGRAM # 7564 12:00 PM PT DAPA Hearing in New Orleans. The appeal to lift DAPA injunction was heard on Friday in a court of appeals in New Orleans. Many advocates from around the country rallied in front of the court urging the judges to allow the temporary deportation relief program to […]

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Antonio Jiménez. Photo: Rubén Tapia.

Supermarket Chain El Súper Fined for Wage Theft

California’s Labor Commission found that the company did not pay overtime or give lunch or rest breaks to 20 workers at ten stores in Los Angeles.

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Migrants Turned Political Prisoners.

THURSDAY, JULY 9. PROGRAM # 7561 12:00 PM PT Migrants Turned Political Prisoners. In separate ways, two former U.S. residents returned to their native Mexico to fight drug cartels and corruption and ended up persecuted and in jail. They are now widely seen as political prisoners. This program revisits the case of Nestora Salgado, who […]

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Trump and the GOP Presidential Race. Also, “Blurring Borders.”

TUESDAY, JULY 7. PROGRAM # 7559 12:00 PM PT Trump and the GOP Presidential Race. During his presidential announcement, billionaire mogul Donald Trump called Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists. Following an uproar in the Latino community, a number of businesses and celebrities have cut ties with the conservative presidential candidate. And while some Republican leaders […]

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