Trump’s Cabinet Nominees Make Clear Harsher Policies Near

Washington, the responses of Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees for the Department of Justice and Homeland Security, during their Senate hearings, reflected harsher immigration and civil rights policies around the corner. This generated a new wave of concern among activist and immigrants. c José López Zamorano reports from Capitol Hill.

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“Six Figures and Struggling.” Also, Sessions Confirmation Hearing.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 10 PROGRAM # 7972 12:00 PM PST. “Six Figures and Struggling.” This is a conversation with well-known financial planning expert Louis Barajas about his new book “Six Figures and Struggling.” He says people who earn six figures still live paycheck to paycheck, struggling to make ends meet, feeling frustrated and guilty. How can […]

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For Female Farmworkers, Work Never Stops

It’s times when she can’t work, like when she was pregnant, that things become difficult. Female farmworkers do not receive maternity leave, so during those months during and after the pregnancy Benito’s family was forced to rely on her husband’s paycheck.

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Fear Of Deportation, Hate Crimes Reportedly Threaten Mental Health Of Young Californians

Even before the election, nearly half of 11th and 12th graders at the school reported frequent, sad and hopeless feelings, and nine percent had seriously considered suicide, according to the 2014-2015 California Healthy Kids Survey.

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Un estanque de evaporación de aguas en Kings County, una porción del Valle de San Joaquín, CA.

Will the New Water Law Relieve Poor Families’ Crisis?

“The farmworkers are still affected…there are more tan 2000 small water Wells that have no more water so these communities have to use bottled water.”

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María Luisa Ayala, una anciana sin hogar recibió un plato de comida por el Día de Acción de Gracias en la parroquia de la Placita Olvera (Foto: Araceli Martínez/La Opinión)

A poor Christmas for the most forgotten ones in ‘La La Land’

(Español) Una de cada siete personas – aproximadamente 1.4 millones en el condado de Los Ángeles – experimenta inseguridad alimentaria, según el Banco Regional de Alimentos de Los Ángeles. Muchos no saben de dónde vendrá su próxima comida.

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Donald Mefistófeles haciendo de las suyas con los inmigrantes.

A Christmas Pastorela for the Trump Era

Pastorela plays, which combine faith and fun, are a deep-rooted Mexican Christmas tradition. The plays have their origins in the colonial era, and tell of the obstacles that the devil puts in the way of a group of shepherds heading to Bethlehem to adore Baby Jesus. As part of the tradition, pastorelas often incorporate social criticism of the moment.

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An Act of Hate Inspires Solidarity with Neighbors in Arizona

An act of vandalism against a bakery owned by an immigrant from the Middle East in Phoenix, Arizona, became the catalyst for an explosion of civic solidarity and repudiation of hate. When they found out about the attack, neighbors united to defend the bakery, which turns out to be a place where people of many diverse backgrounds come together,

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Hunger and Obesity Among Latinos. Also, Latino Youth at High Risk.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 20 PROGRAM # 7957 12:00 PM PST. Hunger and Obesity Among Latinos. Latino families in California suffer from higher rates of hunger, obesity, and overweight in part because they are low-income and live in communities with fewer healthy food retailers. An advocate discusses the findings of this research. Guest: Alejandra Gepp, Asociate Director, […]

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Irene Martínez Mejía se reúne con su hijo Alejandro y sus dos nietas luego de 16 años sin ver a su hijo, Foto: Alissa Escarce.

Reunification of Families in NewYorkTitlán

U.S. immigration policies have separated many migrant families. But one group of organized families on both sides of the border has found a creative way to reunify loved ones.

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