Tackling Child Care Crisis.

THURSDAY, JUNE 18. PROGRAM # 7546 12:00 PM PT Tackling Child Care Crisis. In an effort to tackle the crisis in the health care system in California, the governor and leaders in the Legislature agreed to increase support to expand access to child care for low-income families in the state. In addition, the state assembly […]

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Un especialista en tecnología del distrito de Oakland, Chris Beatty, le ayuda a Jacqueline a usar una computadora para leer. Foto: Zaidee Stavely.

Nine-Year-Old Girl, Paralyzed by Bullet, Struggles to Continue Education

A stray bullet cost Jacqueline Funes months of schooling, and she is now struggling to be able to learn, and live, as she did before.

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Dreamers o  ‘soñadores’ manifestándose

Immigrant Youth in Arizona Clear Obstacle to Go to Gollege

Anti-immigrant policies put in place by the Arizona government received another hit, when a state court helped open the doors to higher education for immigrant youth who had been denied the opportunity. Valeria Fernandez has more from Phoenix.

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Reforming Detention Centers. Also, In-State Tuition Victory.

TUESDAY, MAY 12. PROGRAM # 7519 12:00 PM PT Reforming Detention Centers. After visiting immigrant detention centers in several states, Catholic bishops found flaws in due process and human rights protections and are releasing this week a series of recommendations to reform the US immigrant detention system. A prominent leader of the Catholic church discusses […]

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(Español) Obama visita El Bronx para impulsar El Guardián de Mi Hermano

(Español) Los organizadores dijeron que existe un compromiso de más de 80 millones de dólares de empresas como American Express, Deloitte, Discovery Communications y News Corp., para ayudar a las empresas del sector privado a lidiar con los obstáculos que los jóvenes negros y latinos enfrentan en sus comunidades.

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Budget Clash. Also, Impasse in San Quintin.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1. PROGRAM # 7487 12:00 PM PT Budget Clash. The House and the Senate approved a budget with severe cuts in areas such as health care coverage, education and job training. The plan calls to undo the Affordable Care Act and turning Medicare into a voucher-based system. A leading Latino legislator comments on […]

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(Español) Los MacArturos llegaron a Salinas: Foro Púbico de Radio Bilingüe-CBDIO

(Español) Los MacArturos vinieron a CSUMB porque muchos de sus estudiantes son los primeros en sus familias en asistir a la universidad, y más de un tercio de ellos son latinos. Pero también porque Salinas está tocado por la violencia que flagela a miembros de la comunidad latina en el área.

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State of the Union.

President Obama will announce new executive actions and legislative initiatives in his State of the Union address. Top Democrat and Republican leaders respond to some of the plans, including Obama’s proposals for free community colleges, expanded paid sick leave, and universal high-speed Internet access. White House plans to expand deferred action for immigrants and restore […]

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Free Community College Education.

President Obama announced a proposal to pay the tuition of millions of community college students and make two years of college free. The plan, announced at a Tennessee college and modeled after a Tennessee’s community college program, is expected to run into strong Republican opposition in Congress. A White House representative discusses the details. Guests: Marco […]

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Latino Education: Crisis and Response.

This is a repeat of a live broadcast from a community forum in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles on the crisis in the education of Latino students. A renowned scholar says that Latinos, the fastest-growing group, is the most poorly educated and warns of a looming social disaster. Intellectual leaders of the national […]

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