Multilingual Education Act.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 4. PROGRAM # 7775 12:00 PM PT Multilingual Education Act. In 1998, voters in California passed Proposition 227, a ballot measure that banned bilingual education and mandated English immersion for English learner students. This November, voters in the state will decide on the Multilingual Education Act, a new ballot initiative that would change […]

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Migrant Rights to Higher Forum. Also, A Well-Rounded Education.

TUESDAY, APRIL 19. PROGRAM # 7764 12:00 PM PT Migrant Rights to Higher Forum. This is a report on two petitions to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in Washington DC. The family of Anastasio Hernández Rojas and international law experts urge the human rights body to hold Border Patrol agents accountable in the brutal […]

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Dolores Huerta, lider historica fundadora de la UFW

In School Expulsion Capital, Parents Learn About Rights

The Kern High School District in Kern County, California has been called the expulsion capital in the state. A year and a half after being sued for disciplining Latino and African-American students more harshly, the school government has shown numbers that speak to a reduction in suspensions and expulsions.

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Estudiantes llenan los formularios para registrarse

Trump’s Attacks Drive Mexican Immigrants To Apply for Citizenship

The anti-immigrant and anti-Mexican rhetoric of Republican candidate Donald Trump is motivating many permanent residents to become citizens, and children of immigrants to register to vote. Can registration campaigns convert that renewed interest in more Latino voter turnout? Our correspondent Rubén Tapia has more from Los Angeles.

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(Español) “¡Más concejeros y menos policías!” en las escuelas: madre de familia

(Español) Un 70 por ciento de todos estos jóvenes son referidos a la policía, o reciben una multa, o han estado arrestados en la escuela. “Y estos son estudiantes latinos y afroamericanos… esto es lo que vemos en las calles también, ¡más policías!, en vez de invertir en la comunidad… es el reflejo de esa política, pero en términos de la educación”.

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School Cops, or Counselors?

THURSDAY, APRIL 7. PROGRAM # 7756 12:00 PM PT School Cops, or Counselors? The largest school districts in the nation hire more police than counselors, at a time when many believe guidance counselors would be more effective to address school safety and violence than armed officers. Students of color, a majority in those districts, are […]

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(Español) ¿Qué sigue después del aumento al salario mínimo en California?

(Español) Las mujeres que operan en California las guarderías de calidad fuera de sus propios hogares –verdaderas gemas escondidas en nuestros barrios-, ofrecerán sus propias soluciones para arreglar el descompuesto sistema de cuidado infantil en el estado, al abrir sus centros a los grupos de visitantes.

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Rethinking School Discipline in Coachella Valley

To improve these students’ prospects, more and more school districts are beginning to use restorative justice, a method that favors resolving conflicts through dialogue and mediation, instead of punishment. One school beginning to take its first steps toward this new form of discipline is in California’s Coachella Valley. Marco Vinicio González has the details.

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Rethinking Discipline: Restorative Justice.

MONDAY, JANUARY 11. PROGRAM # 7693 12:00 PM PT Rethinking Discipline: Restorative Justice. Faced with high numbers of student suspension and expulsion rates, school leaders are learning about positive disciplinary measures and more districts are embracing the practice of restorative justice. Through this approach, students learn to talk, air their grievances and resolve their conflicts […]

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The Year in Review.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 31. PROGRAM # 7686 12:00 PM PT The Year in Review. Thousands of farm workers staged an unprecedented walk out in San Quintin. Parents of the Ayotzinapa disappeared bring their plight to the US. Juan Felipe Herrera makes history as the first Latino poet laureate in the US. Key players remember the Grape […]

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