Dreamers Visit Mexico.

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 3. PROGRAM # 7601 12:00 PM PT Dreamers Visit Mexico. DACA-protected Dreamers from colleges and universities around the country travel to their native communities in Mexico in an often-emotional visit to reconnect with their roots. As they return to the U.S., the Dreamers are becoming active promoters of bi-national travel missions and advocates […]

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José Ernesto Hernández y su esposa Marcelina dicen que han tenido muchas dificultades con la traducción. Foto Cortesía de Fausto Sánchez, CRLA.

Mixteco Immigrants in California Struggle to Get Social Services in their Language

In Kern County, residents report that when they go to get healthcare, to their children’s schools, or to ask for emergency help, a lot of the time they can’t find an interpreter who speaks the same language.

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The Bilingual Advantage.

TUESDAY, JULY 28. PROGRAM # 7574 12:00 PM PT The Bilingual Advantage. Is being bilingual good for your job prospects? Contrary to what English Only proponents would say, leading scholars conclude that bilingual speakers enjoy a number of economic benefits in today’s globalized U.S. labor market. An education expert discusses the economics of bilingualism for […]

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DAPA Hearing in New Orleans.

TUESDAY, JULY 14. PROGRAM # 7564 12:00 PM PT DAPA Hearing in New Orleans. The appeal to lift DAPA injunction was heard on Friday in a court of appeals in New Orleans. Many advocates from around the country rallied in front of the court urging the judges to allow the temporary deportation relief program to […]

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Accion Afirmativa

(Español) Suprema Corte y acción afirmativa

(Español) Este falló sobre la acción afirmativa introduce una amplia declaración general de la Corte Suprema que afirma la inconstitucionalidad de considerar la raza en absoluto, lo que tendrá efecto dominó a través de todo el país y barrerá con estas provisiones a través de las universidades privadas así como las públicas.

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Tres de cuatro niños en algunas escuelas de Oakland reportan haber perdido a alguien cercano por la violencia. Foto: Adam Grossberg/KQED

Violence Obstructs Education of Thousands of Children in Oakland Schools

In some schools in Oakland, three out of four children have lost a loved one to violence. The effects spill over into the classroom.

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Tackling Child Care Crisis.

THURSDAY, JUNE 18. PROGRAM # 7546 12:00 PM PT Tackling Child Care Crisis. In an effort to tackle the crisis in the health care system in California, the governor and leaders in the Legislature agreed to increase support to expand access to child care for low-income families in the state. In addition, the state assembly […]

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Un especialista en tecnología del distrito de Oakland, Chris Beatty, le ayuda a Jacqueline a usar una computadora para leer. Foto: Zaidee Stavely.

Nine-Year-Old Girl, Paralyzed by Bullet, Struggles to Continue Education

A stray bullet cost Jacqueline Funes months of schooling, and she is now struggling to be able to learn, and live, as she did before.

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Dreamers o  ‘soñadores’ manifestándose

Immigrant Youth in Arizona Clear Obstacle to Go to Gollege

Anti-immigrant policies put in place by the Arizona government received another hit, when a state court helped open the doors to higher education for immigrant youth who had been denied the opportunity. Valeria Fernandez has more from Phoenix.

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Reforming Detention Centers. Also, In-State Tuition Victory.

TUESDAY, MAY 12. PROGRAM # 7519 12:00 PM PT Reforming Detention Centers. After visiting immigrant detention centers in several states, Catholic bishops found flaws in due process and human rights protections and are releasing this week a series of recommendations to reform the US immigrant detention system. A prominent leader of the Catholic church discusses […]

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