Los inmigrantes prometen continuar con la lucha después del empate judicial. Foto: José López Zamorano

Supreme Court Upholds Affirmative Action, Blocks DAPA/DACA

The highest court in the nation dumped a bucket of cold water and the hopes of nearly 5 million undocumented immigrants.

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The Youth Agenda.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22. PROGRAM # 7810 12:00 PM PT The Youth Agenda. Members of a first-of-its-kind youth commission talk about crime prevention, employment, health, and other pressing issues impacting the lives of teens and young adults in the city of Fresno and beyond. The newly-created youth commission will advise and take an active role in […]

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Looking for Latinos in Children’s Books

About 13 million students in the nation’s public schools are Latino, about a quarter of all kindergarten through high school students. But some parents, teachers and librarians say Latino kids rarely see themselves reflected in the characters and plots of children’s books. José Luis Buen Abad visited a library in Seattle, Washington, to investigate. This story is part of the series, “Hablando de la Raza”.

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(Español) Estudiantes indocumentados sin aprovechar las becas Cal Grants

(Español) Pero lo más ominoso es que al requerirles como requisito la declaración de impuestos de sus padres, y como son indocumentados, los estudiantes temen otorgar esta información porque piensan que arriesgan a sus padres a la deportación. Pero desconocen que dicha información no se comparte con las autoridades de Migración.

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Bridging the Digital Divide.

TUESDAY, MAY 17. PROGRAM # 7784 12:00 PM PT Bridging the Digital Divide. Low-income families may now have access to high-quality, high-speed Internet access thanks to reforms that made broadband service more affordable for millions of people. The federal government launched a series of initiatives, including ConnectALL, ConnectHome, and modernized Lifeline, a program designed to […]

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(Español) Ley de Educación Multilingüe

(Español) En noviembre los votantes de California acudirán a las urnas para decidir la suerte de otra propuesta la SB 1174, que de pasar cambiaría el requisito de la inmersión en el inglés en las escuelas, impuesto por la Proposición 227.

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Multilingual Education Act.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 4. PROGRAM # 7775 12:00 PM PT Multilingual Education Act. In 1998, voters in California passed Proposition 227, a ballot measure that banned bilingual education and mandated English immersion for English learner students. This November, voters in the state will decide on the Multilingual Education Act, a new ballot initiative that would change […]

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Migrant Rights to Higher Forum. Also, A Well-Rounded Education.

TUESDAY, APRIL 19. PROGRAM # 7764 12:00 PM PT Migrant Rights to Higher Forum. This is a report on two petitions to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in Washington DC. The family of Anastasio Hernández Rojas and international law experts urge the human rights body to hold Border Patrol agents accountable in the brutal […]

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Dolores Huerta, lider historica fundadora de la UFW

In School Expulsion Capital, Parents Learn About Rights

The Kern High School District in Kern County, California has been called the expulsion capital in the state. A year and a half after being sued for disciplining Latino and African-American students more harshly, the school government has shown numbers that speak to a reduction in suspensions and expulsions.

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Estudiantes llenan los formularios para registrarse

Trump’s Attacks Drive Mexican Immigrants To Apply for Citizenship

The anti-immigrant and anti-Mexican rhetoric of Republican candidate Donald Trump is motivating many permanent residents to become citizens, and children of immigrants to register to vote. Can registration campaigns convert that renewed interest in more Latino voter turnout? Our correspondent Rubén Tapia has more from Los Angeles.

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