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The College Dream and the Student Debt Crisis (In English).

A live-broadcast, two-hour community forum in English to explore issues contributing to the school success or failure of Latino students. Airing from the University of Texas – Pan American in Edinburg, TX, the forum sets Texas as the stage for a national dialogue about Latino college track issues. In Texas, the majority of students in […]

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College Costs and Financial Aid. Also, Are Latinos Ready for College?

Texas congressman Rubén Hinojosa talks about the promises and challenges for Latinos to go to college in Texas. He also talks about what’s been done in Washington to improve high school graduation rates, and make college more accessible and affordable. Guest: Rep. Rubén Hinojosa, Member of House Committee on Education and Labor, Chair of Subcommittee […]

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(Español) Orden Ejecutiva para la Seguridad en el Trabajo y el Salario Justo

(Español) Parte de este trato básico para los estadunidenses es que si usted es responsable, trabaja duro y observa las reglas del juego, los trabajadores pueden contar con un salario justo, estar libres de la discriminación en el empleo y tener lugares de trabajo seguro y un pago equitativo.

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(Español) Gobernador de CA y Secretario del Trabajo de México por los Derechos de Trabajadores H2

(Español) Brown va acompañado por legisladores y altos funcionarios, una delegación organizada por la Cámara de Comercio de CA, la Fundación de CA para el Comercio y la Educación, con 90 empresarios, líderes en desarrollo económico, inversiones y política de California.

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Migrant Crab Workers.

Mexican migrant women who pick crab meat or peel crawfish and came to the U.S. as H-2B guest workers are often victims of misleading recruitment, long work days, without overtime pay nor regular breaks. Seafood suppliers for major retail giants rely on this temporary labor. Former migrant women who worked in the North Carolina crab […]

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Immigration Edition.

A court struck down Arizona’s policy denying driver’s licenses to young DACA beneficiaries, and California is negotiating with federal authorities over the design of the permit for undocumented drivers. These and other news are reported, as well as tips for Dreamers and the undocumented on how to prepare for the license application. Guests: Dulce Matuz, […]

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Student Loans: Boon or Peril?

The costs of higher education have been transferred from the society to the student and federal policy changed from grants to loans, setting the stage for the current student debt crisis, says a prominent leader in higher education.  While Latino students don’t borrow more than the rest, they end up with more hardships to graduate […]

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Voy Contratado: Stories of Abuse and Struggle

The U.S. Department of Labor is organizing a series of trainings to inform workers of their rights. Our producer Delia Saldívar hosted a show on Radio Bilingüe’s Comunidad Alerta to talk about the issue. Rubén Tapia prepared the report.

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Fair Pay for Guest Workers.

Mexican guest workers who were recruited and brought into the U.S. by landscaping giant TruGreen on H-2B visas have reached a settlement with the company. The plaintiffs complained that failing to reimburse travel and immigration-related expenses violated the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. Under the agreement, the national provider of landscape services will reimburse the […]

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Worker Protections from Retaliation.

California is implementing new, groundbreaking laws to stop unscrupulous employers from retaliating against immigrant workers who report abuses such as wage theft or unsafe working conditions. These laws may bring some relief to vulnerable employees working in low-wage industries. Advocates give details of the state laws, federal laws and discuss specific cases of retaliation. Guests: […]

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