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Cracking Down on Wage Theft.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 20. PROGRAM # 7591 12:00 PM PT Cracking Down on Wage Theft. Stating that wage theft is an epidemic that pervades the economy, and Los Angeles is the wage theft capital of the country, state and local officials convene a town hall meeting in Los Angeles to drum up support for a pending […]

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Las fresas y moras de Driscoll se ven en casi todos los supermercados de Estados Unidos. Foto: Mike Mozart via Flickr. Licencia de Creative Commons.

Mexican Farm Workers Call for Boycott Against California Fruit Giant

A farm worker leader from the San Quintín Valley, an agro-export enclave in Northern Mexico, travels to the United States calling for a boycott against the products of Driscoll’s, the leading supplier of berries in this country.

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Las trabajadoras de Scientific Concepts limpian el interior de los aviones entre vuelos. Foto: Doug, via Flickr. Creative Commons.

California Airplane Janitors Accuse Employer of Withholding Overtime Pay

The irregular form of shrinking or expanding the hours of breaks and lunches, as well as start and end time, according to the company’s needs, made González’s workdays start around 9 a.m. and end after 7 p.m.

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(Español) Gigante abarrotera acepta comprar sólo a agricultores que traten bien a trabajadores.

(Español) Ahold USA es hoy la primera compañía grande de supermercados del país en unirse a la iniciativa Comida Justa, impulsada por la Coalición de Trabajadores de Immokalee, que obliga a los agricultores que los abastecen de tomate, a darles trato y pago dignos.

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Boycotting Berries.

MONDAY, AUGUST 10. PROGRAM # 7583 12:00 PM PT Boycotting Berries. Representatives for organized berry laborers from the San Quintin Valley tour the U.S. holding the berry giant Driscoll’s co-responsible for unfair labor conditions in this agro-export enclave in Northern Mexico. They visited the United Nations in New York and today they stop in San […]

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Ahold USA to Buy Fair-Food Tomatoes. Conflict in Blueberry Fields.

THURSDAY, JULY 30. PROGRAM # 7576 12:00 PM PT Ahold USA to Buy Fair-Food Tomatoes. In a landmark victory for Florida’s organized farmworkers, Ahold USA, the parent company to Stop and Shop and other supermarket chains, has signed on to the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ Fair Food program. This is the first major U.S. grocer […]

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The Bilingual Advantage.

TUESDAY, JULY 28. PROGRAM # 7574 12:00 PM PT The Bilingual Advantage. Is being bilingual good for your job prospects? Contrary to what English Only proponents would say, leading scholars conclude that bilingual speakers enjoy a number of economic benefits in today’s globalized U.S. labor market. An education expert discusses the economics of bilingualism for […]

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Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin De León with the young people. Photo: Fernando Andrés Torres.

Young People Push for Anti-Wage-Theft Law in California

The bill would give the California Labor Comissioner the tools to demand that companies pay a bond if they have been ordered to pay backwages and still have not.

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Antonio Jiménez. Photo: Rubén Tapia.

Supermarket Chain El Súper Fined for Wage Theft

California’s Labor Commission found that the company did not pay overtime or give lunch or rest breaks to 20 workers at ten stores in Los Angeles.

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(Español) Millones podrían ser elegibles al pago de horas extras: Obama

(Español) Los defensores del cambio saludaron la decisión. Los más conservadores, diversos grupos empresariales se han opuesto a la idea con el gastado argumento de que costará empleos. Previendo reacciones Obama firmó una orden ejecutiva de restricción para los contratistas federales que tomen represalias.

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