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Foto: Gema Moneo, gentileza Festival de Flamenco.

Baila’ora Celebrates Flamenco with California Festival

In cities like Santa Cruz, Oakland, Aptos and San Francisco, audiences enjoyed the very source of culture, dance and music of the gypsy people of Andalucía, with both traditional and contemporary flamenco. Fernando Torres met with the festival’s founder in Oakland, California. This feature story is part of our series Raices: Los Maestros. Artists Passing Their Art on to the Next Generation.

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Lorenzo Martínez: Master Folk Violinist.

THURSDAY, APRIL 23. PROGRAM # 7506 12:00 PM PT Lorenzo Martínez: Master Folk Violinist. In 2003, the National Endowment for the Arts recognized the musical contributions of father and son Roberto and Lorenzo Martínez, a family from the heartlands of New Mexico. They received the National Heritage Fellowship, the highest honor in the folk and […]

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Goodbye, Eduardo Galeano

In order for the memories not to be forgotten, we are sharing some segments of his conversations on Radio Bilingüe in San Francisco and Montevideo. Marco Vinicio González presents some of the words the maestro left recorded for history.

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Debut de Rondalla Juvenil Sueno Romantico

Los Angeles Parents Form a Traditional Rondalla Group for their Children

The musical group was symbolically sponsored by the famous group Rondalla Del Amor de Saltillo during its first concert at a church in Santa Monica, California. Our correspondent Rubén Tapia reports. This feature story is part of our series, Raices, Los Maestros: Artists who are passing on their art to the next generation.

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(Español) Eduardo Galeano anda La Bahía de San Francisco

(Español) “Las venas abiertas de América Latina” (1971) pronto resultó censurado y hasta quemado por varios regímenes de América del Sur, y unos 40 años después ganó categoría de best seller cuando el presidente Hugo Chávez se lo regalo al presidente Obama durante una Cumbre de las Américas.

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Remembering Galeano. Also, Farewell to Pioneer of Latino Politics.

MONDAY, APRIL 13. PROGRAM # 7498 12:00 PM PT Remembering Galeano. Uruguayan author and journalist Eduardo Galeano died in Montevideo at the age of 74. His best known work was “Open Veins of Latin America.” As a tribute to Galeano’s memory, this program includes fragments of his interviews. His comments range from the art of […]

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Galeano 01

(Español) Eduardo Galeano: 3 de septiembre de 1940 – 13 abril de 2015

(Español) “Los huérfanos de la tragedia de Ayotzinapa no están solos… Los acompañan las voces solidarias en todo el mapa de México y más allá, incluyendo las canchas de fútbol, donde hay jugadores que festejan sus goles dibujando con los dedos, en el aire, la cifra 43, que rinde homenaje a los desaparecidos”: EG

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Malaquias Estudio#1

Acclaimed Chicano Artist Continues to Teach Silkscreening

Montoya is considered one of the most important artists of the Chicano cultural movement, and a pioneer of social silkscreening in Northern California. At 77, Montoya is a professor emeritus at UC Davis, and he is still teaching free art classes at the Taller Arte del Nuevo Amanecer, which he founded with his son Maceo. Fernando Torres visited him at the workshop. This story is part of our series Raíces: Los Maestros. Stories About Those who are Passing Art on to the Next Generation.

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Monday 2_673x324

Línea Abierta: 20 Years.

MONDAY, MARCH 16. PROGRAM # 7475 12:00 PM PT Línea Abierta: 20 Years. To celebrate the milestone 20th anniversary of Línea Abierta, this edition features segments of selected programs, including interviews with US Presidents. Listeners called in to comment on the talk-show service and editorial content ideas and sugestions. Guests: Recorded segments of President Bill […]

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Natalia Toledo. Also, Reproductive Health Crisis.

THURSDAY, MARCH 12. PROGRAM # 7473 12:00 PM PT Natalia Toledo. Mexican poet Natalia Toledo, who writes in Spanish and Zapotec, visits Los Angeles to celebrate International Women’s Day. The only woman to ever win the National Prize for Indigenous Literature in Mexico, Toledo joins other leading indigenous women in a call to migrant women […]

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