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Juan Tejeda, cofundador del del Festival de Conjunto Tejano. Foto: Guadalupe cultural Center.

Feature Report: Tejano Conjunto Music Flourishes at San Antonio Festival

For three days, San Antonio, Texas, became the capital of “Tejano Conjunto” music, with performances by some 30 accordion groups. Rubén Tapia prepared this feature report about the history and some of the most outstanding moments of this 37-year-old festival.

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Saúl Méndez y su hija Ashley Méndez, de 10 años de edad.

Pioneering Mexican Bands Perform at Major Campus

Last spring, dozens of musicians with roots in the indigenous cultures of southern Mexico met at a prestigious college in California for a “friendly musical battle” between indigenous philharmonic ensembles.

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“Chavela.” Also, “Vanishing Frontiers.”

MONDAY, JULY 9 PROGRAM # 8376 12:00 PM PT “Chavela.” The film “Chavela: Trailblazer, Rebel, Icon,” showcases the life of the late ranchera singer Chavela Vargas. Born in Costa Rica, Chavela moved at an early age to Mexico City, where during the 1950s broke with Mexican mainstream conventions by dressing in pants, drinking tequila, smoking […]

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Vanishing Frontiers.

TUESDAY, JUNE 19 PROGRAM # 8362 12:00 PM PT Vanishing Frontiers. At a time when a rhetoric pushing for border walls and policies and war on immigrants permeate the US airwaves, a social analyst releases a timely book examining the bridges that connect Mexico and the US. The book “Vanishing Frontiers” focuses on the great […]

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Juan de Marcos.

MONDAY, JUNE 18 PROGRAM # 8361 12:00 PM PT Juan de Marcos. Legendary Cuban musician Juan de Marcos visited California with his iconic band Afro-Cuban All Stars. In this interview, he comments on his recent album “Absolutely Live II – Viva México,” recorded in Mexico’s Cervantino Festival. He also shares stories about his work with […]

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Omnira Group. Foto: Sonia Narang/ACTA

Music Heals Migration Wounds in San Francisco

“We felt that we were missing something to still live our culture and bring it here … so that we could continue with the tradition there. We wanted to revive those cultures and have Latin music for the newly arrived people, who felt supported and welcomed.”

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Linda Escobar

Talkshow: Juan Tejeda and Linda Escobar

This Linea Abierta program offers special coverage from San Antonio from the Tejano Conjunto Festival, where the accordion is king. This program includes conversations with the founder of the festival, Juan Tejeda, and with legend of Tejano songs, Linda Escobar.

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Elena Poniatowska. Also, Guadalupe Rivera.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 30 PROGRAM # 8348 12:00 PM PT Elena Poniatowska. This is a conversation with the well-known Mexican journalist and writer Elena Poniatowska about her new novel “Dos veces única,” in which she tells about the life and times of diva Lupe Marín, the second wife of celebrated muralist Diego Rivera. Marín was a […]

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(Español) Hablar español, orgullo de muchos y vergüenza de otros, xenófobos y racistas

(Español) “El gobierno estatal de Luisiana ofrece servicios y documentos en francés, al igual que Nuevo México en español… El Hawaiano, aunque tiene pocos hablantes nativos, es un idioma oficial junto con el inglés. Alaska oficializa el inglés y veinte idiomas nativos”.

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Sounds of California in Bayview.

TUESDAY, MAY 29 PROGRAM # 8347 12:00 PM PT Sounds of California in Bayview. The historic Opera House of the historically African-American neighborhood of Bayview in San Francisco hosts a gathering of musical groups celebrating songs and sounds of migration and resilience. The performers, representing immigrants or refugees who have made California their new home, […]

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