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Pasatono Orquesta. Also, Obama Announces Historic Shift on Cuba.

The Pasatono Orquesta, a band in the traditional style of the highland villages in Southern Mexico, tours the US. Pasatono mixes festive music with traditional Mixtec instruments. Their new album, Maroma, was named after a popular travelling circus, and recreates the sounds of Gypsy marches and the ambience of clown performances. Leaders of the band […]

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(Español) México pierde uno de sus forjadores de identidad, con la muerte de Miguel Martínez

(Español) Tras dedicar tooda una vida a la música vernácula e interpretar la trompeta para figuras como Pedro Infante, Jorge Negrete y el Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán, y de aparecer en más de cien películas, publicó su autobiografía titulada, “Mi vida, mis viajes, mis vivencias: siete décadas en la música del mariachi”.

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Maíz: Our Mother.

On the day the nation marks the Thanksgiving holiday, this is a conversation with Roberto Rodríguez about his book “Our Sacred Maíz is Our Mother.” In his newly-released book, Rodríguez submits that corn has been central to the traditional diet of Mexicans since ancestral times and, despite attempts by Spanish conquerors and modern-day assimilationist forces, […]

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Food Chains.

A documentary about a group of tomato pickers in Southern Florida who battle the powerful supermarket industry is being released in theaters around the nation this week. The film, whose leading team includes actress Eva Longoria, exposes the human cost of our food supply and the complicity of global fast food and supermarket chains in […]

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Foto: IWC

Tomato Workers’ Struggle Hits the Silver Screen

The film is also a call to action, to improve working and living conditions for the immigrant workers around the country who harvest the food at our tables. Our correspondent, Rubén Tapia, was at the premier of Food Chains in Los Angeles and has this story.

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Native American Roots of Restorative Justice Celebrated

The city declared the third week of November as restorative justice week. A group of students, teachers, and leaders of different communities met to highlight the Native American roots of the method. Fernando Andrés Torres reports.

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Elenco de Enrique's Journy

Historic Summit of Latino Actors in Los Angeles

It was the biggest meeting of Latino theater-makers in more than 25 years, and the organizers hope the event becomes a landmark to begin to recognize the importance of Latino theater in the United States. Our correspondent in Los Angeles, Rubén Tapia, witnessed the historic event, and has this story. It is part of our Raíces series.

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Diego “El Cigala.”

A conversation with Grammy-winning Spanish singer Diego aka “El Cigala,” perhaps the most popular flamenco singer outside Spain, who is touring the U.S. focusing on his most recent album:“Romance de la luna tucumana.” The CD blends classical flamenco sound with Argentinean folk tunes. “El Cigala” is known for his innovative interpretation of Latin American musical […]

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Radio Ambulante. Día de los Muertos. Absentee Ballots.

On the heels of winning a prestigious journalism award, Radio Ambulante presents in San Francisco a special show called Outsiders. The show features on the stage remarkable and surprising stories about people, in the signature style of Radio Ambulante, a radio programming service hosted by award-winning novelist Daniel Alarcón. Guest: Daniel Alarcón, Novelist, García Márquez […]

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La Virgen de Guadalupe adorna el altar. Foto: Rubén Tapia.

Altar Celebrates Latino Neighborhood in the Face of Gentrification

In Boyle Heights, a symbolic Latino neighborhood, youth build an altar to express their concerns about displacement.

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