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La ciudad de Nogales es el escenario de la obra del mismo nombre. Foto: Fernando Andrés Torres.

Real-Life Border Drama Goes On Stage

With music, videos, poetry, and testimony, the play portrays the border patrol, coyotes, migrants, drug cartels on both sides of the border, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

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Son Jarocho Innovators.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12. PROGRAM # 7585 12:00 PM PT Son Jarocho Innovators. Young interpreters of the regional music from the Mexican state of Veracruz convene in San Francisco, CA, for a week of celebrations of son jarocho. A virtuoso of the flute from California and members of an award-winning jarocho band visit our studios to […]

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“Spare Parts.” Also, “McFarland, USA.”

WEDNESDAY, JULY 22. PROGRAM # 7570 12:00 PM PT “Spare Parts.” This drama film tells the real life story of four Mexican students from a Phoenix high school who form a robotics club and compete in a national underwater robotics contest. With a robot made out of used car parts, they go up against MIT, […]

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Concha Buika.

MONDAY, JULY 13. PROGRAM # 7563 12:00 PM PT Concha Buika. A conversation with Grammy-winning singer Concha Buika. Born in Spain of Equatoguinean parents, Buika talks about her music, influenced by jazz, flamenco, soul and other rhythms. She also talks about her book of poems “A los que amaron a mujeres difíciles y terminaron por […]

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Pablo Quiroz Manríquez, Artemio Posadas, y Dolores García tocan son huasteco. Foto: Zaidee Stavely.

Son Huasteco Brings Joy to Migrants and Young People in San Francisco Bay Area

“Doing this, I feel like this is part of Mexico, too,” says immigrant worker Héctor Plascencia.

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Radio Bilingüe: 35 Years.

MONDAY, JULY 6. PROGRAM # 7558 12:00 PM PT Radio Bilingüe: 35 Years. Radio Bilingüe is celebrating 35 years of community radio service. Its first station went on the air in Fresno, CA in 1980 with the mission to give access to the airwaves to Latinos in the California’s Central Valley. It eventually became the […]

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Migrant Hero.

THURSDAY, JULY 2. PROGRAM # 7556 12:00 PM PT Migrant Hero. The public television network PBS is featuring online a short film on Hugo Morales, a Mixtec Indian who went from migrant farmworker as a child to Harvard graduate and to creator of the Latino radio network in US public broadcasting. The producer of the […]

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Juan Villoro. Also, Lila Downs.

TUESDAY, JUNE 30. PROGRAM # 7554 12:00 PM PT Juan Villoro. A conversation with renowned Mexican writer and journalist Juan Villoro. During his decades in journalism, Villoro has been covering Mexico’s elections, Mexican media and popular culture, and the Zapatista uprising in Southern Mexico. In this interview, he examines those topics. Guest: Juan Villoro, Writer, […]

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Pedro y Salvador Ramírez hijo ajustando violines. Foto: Rubén Tapia

Chilena Tunes From Oaxaca Gain Popularity in California

Today, Mixteco migrants have brough their guitars and violins with them and revive this popular music in California’s Central Valley. Our correspondent Rubén Tapia visited the group Yoso Snuviko, originally from San Juan Mixtepec, in the town of Shafter, California. This feature is part of our series Raices: Los Maestros, about artists who are passing on their art to the next generation.

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(Español) Juan Felipe Herrera, Poeta Laureado de Estados Unidos

(Español) “Y ya que me dices de los corridos, de La Revolución…, pues, ¡con esos yo empecé!… mis primeras canciones eran de La Revolución, y también del contrabando de El Paso; otro corrido que se trataba de El Paso, que tiene que ver con la migración y con ‘la migra’, como se dice”.

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