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The fandango is a community party where the epicenter is the tarima platform. Photo: Chelis López.

Women Soneras Bring Fandango from Veracruz to California

In this English-language talkshow hosted by Zaidee Stavely, we explore the innovative impact that women are bringing to the son jarocho tradition, and how California women have learned from the culture of fandango in Veracruz, brought it back to California and made it their own.

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From left to right, Martha González of Quetzal and Entre Mujeres; Adriana Cao Romero, of Caña Dulce y Caña Brava; and María de la Rosa, of Diapasón. Photo: Chelis López.

California Women Making Son Jarocho Their Own

The music that filled San Francisco’s Brava Theater during the 6th annual Son Jarocho Festival was clearly from the port of Veracruz on Mexico’s Gulf Coast, with its distinctive jarana, harp, jawbone percussion, and zapateado, the beat kept by dancers on a wooden platform called a tarima. But this music is also Californian now… it’s played up and down the state at fandango parties, marches, and in living rooms. In this English-language feature, Zaidee Stavely reports that women, especially, are innovating son jarocho on both sides of the border.

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Adriana Cao Romero (izq) baila en el fandango.

Innovative Musicians Recreate the Sound of “Son Jarocho” (Spanish-Language Feature)

“Son jarocho” is a musical genre from Mexico’s east coast that has captivated audiences around the world with its distinctive sound mixing the harp, jarana and zapateado. The music has made its way to California, and is here to stay. It is increasingly played in fandangos, marches and family parties throughout the state. In this feature in Spanish, Zaidee Stavely reports on how women from both sides of the border are bringing new sounds and new lyrics to the traditional Mexican musical genre.

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Soneras. De izquierda a derecha, María de la Rosa, Anna Arizmendez, Martha González, y Adriana Cao Romero.

The New Sound of Son Jarocho (Spanish-Language Article)

Chelis López’s conversation with the women musicians who participated in the Son Jarocho Festival in San Francisco focused on the role of women in son jarocho, and the collaboration between women soneras in Mexico and California. Marco Vinicio González prepared this summary of some of the highlights of the discussion.

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The concert includes Aztec dance, hip-hop, son huasteco, and hula, among other genres.

Cantos de San José Concert

Radio Bilingüe and the Alliance for California Traditional Arts (ACTA) present the final concert of the project, with East San José, and Mayfair artists and residents. The program is co-hosted by Chelis López and Russell Rodríguez.

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Artemio Posadas, National Heritage Fellow, and his students Dolores “Lolis” García and Pablo Quiroz.

A Tour of the Mayfair

If you walk through the Mexican Heritage Plaza in the Mayfair neighborhood of San Jose, California, you might hear many different sounds, from Aztec drumming to Hawaiian hula dancing and singing, samba, or hip hop, with hymns in Spanish floating out of the church. In this English language feature, Zaidee Stavely takes you on a tour of this historic neighborhood.

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Russell Rodriguez talks with artists from Hālau Nāpuaokamokihanaoha.

Sounds of Mayfair – English-Language Talkshow

The Mayfair neighborhood of East San José was home to legendary farm worker leader Cesar Chavez and has strong Mexican roots, but today you can hear song and dance from all over the world in the plaza, where people have found a common language in music. Zaidee Stavely hosts this hour-long talkshow in English.

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Dos mujeres huelguistas del sindicato Ladies Tailors en piquete durante la huelga de trabajadores de la confección, 1910, ciudad de Nueva York - Biblioteca del Congreso, División de Grabados y Fotografías

(Español) El Día Internacional de la Mujer nace un día trágico para la mujer en EEUU

(Español) La muerte de unas 146 obreras en 1911 dio impulso mundial al recién promulgado Día Internacional de la Mujer.

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The New Sound of Son Jarocho (Spanish-Language Talkshow)

Women musicians from California and Mexico convened in San Francisco community festival for a unique series of fandango and son jarocho concert activities where the voice and art of women was headlined and honored. This program in Spanish is hosted by Chelis López, and offers conversations and music by son jarocho women.

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(Español) Homenaje póstumo de Yolanda Cruz a Rufino Domínguez Santos

(Español) A tres meses de su partida, tras perder la batalla contra el cáncer, otra distinguida oaxacaliforniana, la cineasta Yolanda Cruz rinde homenaje a líder de los migrantes mixtecos de Oaxaca con un breve video sobre el trabajo de organización de Rufino Domínguez.

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