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Orquesta Fandango Mixteco.

THURSDAY, APRIL 13 PROGRAM # 8041 12:00 PM PT Orquesta Fandango Mixteco. This is a conversation with maestro Alejandro Vera, a recognized folk mask maker and virtuoso of the traditional chilena songs and the dances of the devils, old traditions of the Mixtec region in Southern Mexico. With his children, he leads the old-time string […]

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RED KAT entrada

‘Guatemalan Dream’, a Seed Sown by the Deported to Halt Migration

More than 35,000 Guatemalans were deported from the United States last year, and that number is expected to grow with tougher immigration laws under the Trump administration.

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Emiliana Guereca inicia un mitin por el Día Internacional de la Mujer a un lado de  alcaldía de Los Ángeles.

Former Undocumented Woman Leads Massive March

Hundreds of thousands of women around the country celebrated “A Day Without a Woman” on Wednesday by skipping work and avoiding shopping to promote women’s equality and the struggle against discrimination. In January, when massive women’s marches were held after Trump’s inauguration, one of the largest events was in Los Angeles, where more than 700,000 filled the streets.

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Dan Sheehy. Foto:

(Español) Panel sobre Son Jarocho en el Teatro Brava

(Español) Se unirá a Artemio, Martha González y Quetzal Flores, del grupo Quetzal; Gilberto Gutiérrez, de Mono Blanco, y Russell Rodríguez de ACTA. Esta es una conversación organizada por la anfitriona y productora de KPOO, Chelis López sobre la historia de Son Jarocho y sus raíces en el área de San Francisco Bay.

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5th Annual San Francisco Son Jarocho Festival

Joining Quetzal is the Son Jarocho singer-poet and master of the stringed jarana, Gilberto Gutiérrez, and fellow member of his internationally acclaimed group Mono Blanco, the singer Gisela Farias Luna. Also coming to the stage is the accomplished Son Jarocho musician and dancer, Russell Rodriguez; and the San Francisco-based Cuicacalli Dance Company led by Jesus Jacoh Cortes.

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Low Leaf. Also, Katia Cardenal.

MONDAY, JANUARY 2 PROGRAM # 7966 12:00 PM PST. Low Leaf. A young Filipino-American singer and songwriter born in Los Angeles, Low Leaf creates a signature mix of Filipino folk and modern music, acoustic instruments and electronic beats, traditional and digital sounds. This conversation with Low Leaf was recorded before a live audience at the […]

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Portada de "The Upside Down Boy". Ilustración de Elizabeth Gómez.

Literary recommendations for the Holiday season (Spanish only)

(Español) “La flor de oro” de Nina Jaffe, “The Upside Down Boy” y “Portraits of Hispanic American Heroes” de Juan Felipe Herrera, “La Distancia entre Nosotros” de Reyna Grande, y “Return to Sender” de Julia Álvarez.

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20 Years After Peace Accords, Mayan Survivors Seek to Heal Wounds

This week marks 20 years since the signing of the peace accords that ended a long civil war in Guatemala. The armed conflict between rebel groups and the government of Guatemala left around 200,000 people dead.

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Alfarera Maria Eugelia Elias y su hija Luz, primera reina purepecha del Festival de la Uva. Foto: Ruben Tapia.

Alfarera Purépecha seeks a chance that allows her art to flourish in Coachella.

(Español) María Eugelia produjo durante 25 años infinidad de mini esculturas de barro, hasta que migro a los Estados Unidos.

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La maestra de lengua kumiai, Maria Eva Carrillo Vega. Foto: Ruben Tapia.

Teacher of kumiai language strives everyday to make her language survive.

(Español) Gracias a un programa educativo que inicio hace dos años, Maria Eva Carrillo enseña su lengua y su cultura a varias docenas de niños indígenas.

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