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El Paso. Foto: gettyimages. com

Mexican Journalists’ Uphill Battle for Asylum

The documentary “El Paso” shows the harrowing journey of two Mexican journalists who flee their country to seek asylum in the United States, to avoid being killed by organized crime. One of the protagonists is Ricardo Chávez, who hosted a radio program reporting on drug trafficking in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.

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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15. PROGRAM # 7805 12:00 PM PT Cimarrón. Leading members of the Grammy-nominated group Cimarrón, from Colombia, talk about their unique music blend. Cimarrón plays “joropo” and “música llanera,” the traditional music from the plains of Colombia, with new, contemporary sounds. They create a powerful sound with traditional instruments such as harp, bandola, […]

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“In the Country We Love.”

TUESDAY, JUNE 14. PROGRAM # 7804 12:00 PM PT “In the Country We Love.” Actress Diane Guerrero, best known for her star roles in the TV hits “Jane the Virgin and “Orange is the New Black,” has written a memoir titled “In the Country We Love: My Family Divided,” where she tells her heartbreaking story […]

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Pan-Caribbean Sound in California.

MONDAY, JUNE 13. PROGRAM # 7803 12:00 PM PT Pan-Caribbean Sound in California. A conversation with master percussionist and singer Gladys “Bobi” Céspedes, a Yoruba priestess and educator born in Cuba and based in San Francisco, and John Santos, a master percussionist, educator and one of the foremost promoters of Afro-Cuban and Latin jazz music […]

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(Español) Maldito odio, bendita solidaridad

(Español) El virtual nominado presidencial republicano, Donald Trump utilizó la plataforma de Twitter, primero para denunciar la tragedia, pero como carece de autocontrol, fue escalando hasta comenzar a lanzar ataques políticos incluso diciendo que si el presidente Barack Obama no decía que se trató de terrorismo islámico radical debería “renunciar en desgracia”.

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•	Palabuniyan Kulintang Ensemble. Foto. Raíces, de Radio Bilingüe.

(Español) Festival Folklórico en el Paseo Nacional de DC: música y diálogo con artistas y líderes comunitarios

(Español) John Santos y Gladys “Bobi” Céspedes; la Banda Brillo indígena y Nuu Yuku/Danzantes Los Diablos de San Miguel Cuevas, Mexico; FandangObon, mezcla de son jarocho y rito budista japonés; y Homayun Sakhi y Salar Nader, músicos de Kabul.

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Looking for Latinos in Children’s Books

About 13 million students in the nation’s public schools are Latino, about a quarter of all kindergarten through high school students. But some parents, teachers and librarians say Latino kids rarely see themselves reflected in the characters and plots of children’s books. José Luis Buen Abad visited a library in Seattle, Washington, to investigate. This story is part of the series, “Hablando de la Raza”.

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Coronación de Griselda como Reina de la Uva 2016, junto a su orgulloso padre y líder purépecha, Meregildo Ortiz. Foto: Rubén Tapia.

Purépechas Gaining Ground at the Grape Festival

During more than a decade, Purépecha migrants have been the moving force behind the Grape Festival, a tradition in the Coachella Valley. Begun by Mexican workers almost thirty years ago, the festival was to celebrate the beginning of the harvest in the vineyards and, at the same time, raise money to build a church.

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Poetry, Journalism and Insurgency in Mexico.

THURSDAY, JUNE 2. PROGRAM # 7796 12:00 PM PT Poetry, Journalism and Insurgency in Mexico. Mexican poet and journalist Hermann Bellinghausen is in San Francisco to talk about his poetry works. In this conversation, he also discusses critical issues facing Mexico, including poverty and ethnic discrimination, recent social movements, and the killings of journalists in […]

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“Black Dove: Mama, Mi’jo and Me.” Also, “A House Of My Own.”

TUESDAY, MAY 31. PROGRAM # 7794 12:00 PM PT “Black Dove: Mama, Mi’jo and Me.” This is the title of the new memoir by renowned author Ana Castillo, a book that weaves stories of her migrant Mexican American family and explores what it means to be a single, bisexual, brown, feminist parent of a son […]

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