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Vaneza entorchando una cuerda pra su guitarron

Barrio Strings Adorn Musical Instruments Worldwide

Their strings have found clients all over the world and are used by famous groups such as Mariachi Vargas, Los Tucanes de Tijuana, and Los Tigres del Norte. The artisans are training others in the craft so that the art of stringmaking is not lost.

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Hundreds of thousands of Medi-Cal enrollees in limbo

But the huge demand caused delays and more than 900,000 new applications are still pending. From Los Angeles, Araceli Martinez reports on the backlog.

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Concha Buika (Repeat).

Acclaimed singer María Concepción Balboa Buika, known as Buika, was born in Spain to African parents. She now lives in Miami, Florida. With her sultry, emotionally-charged voice she easily crosses musical styles such as cante jondo, jazz and canción ranchera. This is the rebroadcast of an exclusive interview with this distinguished Afro-Hispanic artist about the [...]

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Todo el elenco en el foro de La Peña

Son Jornalero: Singing the Song of Day Laborers

At the end of this experience, musicians from Veracruz and from California collaborate to collectively create new songs, in the son jarocho style, that sing of the reality of day laborers.

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Renowned Mexican soneros bring the community celebration of music and dance known as fandango to the U.S. Local son jarocho artists work with Mexican folk artists to create new sones in the tradition of the Afro-Mexican Veracruz region, based on the experience of day laborers and Latino immigrants from the San Francisco Bay Area. As [...]

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Eduardo & Alberto 3

Maestro of Colombian Gaita Keeps Caribbean Rhythms Alive

A Colombian musician, maestro of the gaita and Colombian drums, has begun making this music known in the United States and showing apprentices how to play it. Rubén Tapia reports from Los Angeles. This story is part of the series Raices: Stories of Grassroots Artists.

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Artist transform tractors and plows in community art

(Español) Zuñiga vive de su arte y nos cuenta que parte del dinero de sus ventas lo dona al Colectivo de Artes Urbanas del cual es su principal mentor. El artista afirma que ha logrado hacer realidad los sueños más importantes de su vida. Se considera a si mismo un intérprete de la realidad de su pueblo y sus sentimientos.

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(Español) Florece deporte prehispánico en campos de inmigrantes al norte de la frontera

(Español) En este torneo por primera vez participaron cuatro niños, dos de Fresno y dos de San Fernando. Los ganadores fueron premiados con un trofeo. El torneo de la pelota mixteca se realiza durante dos días en Fresno, pero solamente una vez al año; los equipos viajan a competir a otras ciudades de California.

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Holiday Edition: Young Maestros.

Inspired by El Sistema, a Venezuela program that has changed the lives of thousands of poor kids in more than 35 years, a classical orchestra in a California farming town is touching children’s lives trough the power of music. Children from farmworking families in Salinas spend hours learning to play classical musical instruments and their [...]

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Shefali ninos

Musicians and dancers share Puerto Rican beats, food, and song

Fernando Andrés Torres followed the activities of the two cultural workers who organize these events and has this story. This feature story is part of the series Raíces: Stories About Grassroots Artists.

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