A Truce Deal in Gaza. Also, A Blow to Voting Rights Law.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 27 PROGRAM # 10201 12:00 PM PT A Truce Deal in Gaza. Israel and Hamas have agreed to a cease-fire to stop the devastation in Gaza and allow for the release of hostages. What’s the situation on the ground in Gaza? What does the truce deal mean? What’s the cost of US staunch […]

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Mexico Edition. (Program Repeat).

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 24 PROGRAM # 10200 12:00 PM PT Mexico Edition. (Program Repeat). While the US is challenging Mexico’s ban on genetically modified corn, an environmental foundation in the US is recognizing Demanda Colectiva Maíz, the coalition of Mexican activist groups who have protected for decades native varieties of corn against the agribusiness push to […]

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50 Years of Bilingual Community Radio.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 23 PROGRAM # 10199 12:00 PM PT 50 Years of Bilingual Community Radio. KBBF, the first bilingual station in the nation, is celebrating 50 years on the air. Veteran leaders of this volunteer-driven station join this program to share memories of the history, challenges and vision ahead for this pioneering station. This archival […]

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Extra Edition: California’s Open Enrollment. (Program Repeat). Also, World Diabetes Day.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 23 PROGRAM # 10198 11:00 AM PT Extra Edition: California’s Open Enrollment. (Program Repeat). While most uninsured Americans cite cost as the main barrier to health coverage, one program is attempting to reduce out-of-pocket expenses of people in California by offering an unprecedented amount of financial help. With the slogan “Closing the Gap,” […]

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“American Shield.” The Inflation Reduction Act and Latino Families. New National Latino Civil Rights Leader.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 22 PROGRAM # 10197 12:00 PM PT “American Shield.” Sgt. Aquilino Gonell, who immigrated as a kid from Dominican Republic and eventually joined the US Capitol police, wrote the book “American Shield: The Immigrant Sergeant Who Defended Democracy,” where he tells the story of Jan 6, the day when he faced a violent, […]

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Maura Montalvo, una joven madre texana preocupada por el proyecto de ley SB-4. Foto: Cortesía de Maura Montalvo.

Rights Groups Prepare Lawsuit Against Controversial Texas Immigration Law

All that’s needed for the passage of SB4, a Texas law that would authorize police officers to act as immigration agents, is the signature of Republican governor Gregg Abbot. Rights organizations and activists are preparing a lawsuit to challenge the measure.

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Miembros de la Unión de Vecinos e inquilinos realizaron una conferencia de prensa para denunciar las condiciones de vivienda en Boyle Heights. Foto: Annie Powers.

Los Angeles Tenants Suffer from Abuse, Unsanitary Housing

After a group of tenants denounced the terrible conditions of an apartment they were renting in Los Angeles, the landlord began to demolish it when they were not at home in retaliation. A community organization has helped the tenants, mostly low-income immigrants, to file a complaint.

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Immigration Edition.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 21 PROGRAM # 10196 12:00 PM PT Immigration Edition. The Texas’ legislature has passed an anti-immigration bill championed by Gov. Abbot. The new state legislation, SB4, would make crossing the U.S.-Mexico border into Texas a state crime, would allow county leaders to order migrants returned to the border, and face up to 20 […]

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Extra Edition: Radio Bilingue Headlines Community Radio Congress. Also, Flu Shots for Older Adults.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 21 PROGRAM # 10195 11:00 AM PT Extra Edition: Radio Bilingue Headlines Community Radio Congress. Leading members of Radio Bilingüe provided the keynote speech at the opening of the Fourth National Congress of Community Radio: Latin American and Caribbean Expressions 2023, a virtual gathering of more than 200 community radio stations hosted by […]

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A worker removes dried vines from a field in Fresno County on Oct. 13, 202. He said he worked regular shifts in the intense heat the previous week, and was not offered any of the protections required by the state. . Photo: Farida Jhabvala Romero/KQED.

(Español) Legalizar a los inmigrantes indocumentados sería la mejor Acción de Gracias

(Español) Así, celebramos a los inmigrantes por su perseverancia y por seguir adelante levantando con su trabajo y su esfuerzo no sólo a sus familias, sino a esta nación, que tiene una enorme deuda con ellos.

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