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Martha Elena Ramírez hosts the program Voz Pública from Mexico City. The civic journalist brings news and analysis on Mexican developments.   For more information about Linea Abierta click here To visit Linea Abierta audio archives go to

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(Español) Legisladoras mexicanas impulsan movimiento bi nacional en favor de los migrantes.

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Arizona law requires undocumented detainees to remain in jail without bail, if they are charged with a serious crime. Alvarez's attorney says the district attorney often charges immigrants with more serious crimes, increasing the likelihood they will stay in jail. Photo: Dan Devivo.

Living in the Shadows: No Bail and No Healthcare

In Arizona, undocumented immigrants who are arrested are held without bail, even when they need healthcare. One undocumented woman with breast cancer was preparing for a mastectomy, when she was arrested and accused of identity theft. Just days before her programmed surgery, Valeria Fernández interviewed her in jail.

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(Español) Muere en Mexico Gabriel García Márquez

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(Español) Presume Obama 8 millones de inscritos a la ley de salud

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(Español) Ayuda California a comunidades impactadas por sequía

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Adolescent moms at American Youthworks share a classroom with their babies. Photo: Filipa Rodriguez.

Texas to close a school that graduates dropouts

A charter school in Texas is dedicated solely to teaching students who previously dropped out of school and helps them graduate. But the state is about to close the school because it says it doesn’t meet academic and financial standards set for all schools. Joy Díaz reports from Austin, Texas.

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Mexico-US Guestworkers.

When Canada, the U.S. and Mexico signed NAFTA, they also signed labor accords and the receiving country agreed to provide the same labor protections to migrant workers as to viagra online real their national workers. Migrant rights groups have complained that farmworkers and fair and carnaval workers suffer unequal treatment and are often paid below [...]

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(Español) El ex ministro de defensa de El Salvador lucha por mantenerse en Estados Unidos

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(Español) Los golpes a los carteles en México diversificaron la criminalidad

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