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Mexico Edition.

FRIDAY, APRIL 3 PROGRAM # 8846 12:00 PM PT Mexico Edition. In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic that has left 50 deaths and more than 1,500 people infected in the country, the Mexican government urgently recruits medical, civilian and military personnel, reconditions public hospitals and issues decrees so that the sick are treated, including […]

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Linea Abierta Programming: WEEK OF APRIL 6, 2020

LÍNEA ABIERTA, the nation’s only daily Spanish-language talk show in public radio.

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Keeping Kids Learning and Playing. Also, Outdoors as Medicine.

THURSDAY, APRIL 2 PROGRAM # 8845 12:00 PM PT Keeping Kids Learning and Playing. As schools close for the rest of the year, parents wonder how to keep their children educated and entertained. A renowned musician and bilingual educator talks about how to use singing, dancing and folk arts to play with young kids and […]

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Census Day.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1 PROGRAM # 8844 12:00 PM PT Census Day. It’s National Census Day and households around the nation have been receiving an invitation to participate in the count online, by mail or by phone, but the efforts to follow up have been hampered by the coronavirus pandemic. In response, and staying safe at […]

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“American Dirt” and Diversity in Book Publishing.

TUESDAY, MARCH 31 PROGRAM # 8843 12:00 PM PT “American Dirt” and Diversity in Book Publishing. Announced by its fans as “a great migrant novel,” the book “American Dirt” tells the story about a Mexican mom and son who are forced to flee their hometown and crossed to the US after they feared for their […]

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Emergency Aid and Front-Line Coronavirus Workers.

MONDAY, MARCH 30 PROGRAM # 8842 11:00 PM PT Emergency Aid and Front-Line Coronavirus Workers. Emergency Aid and Front-Line Coronavirus Workers. Working families and businesses around the country will benefit from the emergency relief under the massive stimulus bill approved in Washington. Still, millions of “essential workers” who toil in the frontlines of the coronavirus […]

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Mexico Edition.

FRIDAY, MARCH 27 PROGRAM # 8841 12:00 PM PT Mexico Edition. A veteran human rights advocate reports on how the partial closing of the Tijuana-San Diego border in response to the COVID-19 pandemic has brought crossings to a minimum and in consequence sales have dramatically dropped in stores in San Diego. Tourism in Tijuana has […]

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Census Underway.

THURSDAY, MARCH 26 PROGRAM # 8840 12:00 PM PT Census Underway. With the self-response period underway and Census Day approaching fast, and with the Census Bureau suspending field operations for two weeks due to the public health emergency in response to the coronavirus pandemic, community organizations ramp up “Hágase Contar” digital outreach efforts to educate […]

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Stimulus Package Deal. Eviction and Foreclosure Relief. Fears of Coronavirus in ICE Detention.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25 PROGRAM # 8839 12:00 PM PT Stimulus Package Deal. Senators reached agreement on a relief package to inject 2 trillion into an ailing economy hit by the coronavirus crisis. The stimulus plan, announced as the largest in modern history, includes direct checks to taxpayers, emergency loans to small businesses, a boost to […]

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Immigration Edition.

TUESDAY, MARCH 24 PROGRAM # 8838 12:00 PM PT Immigration Edition. Immigrant advocates call on the Trump administration to stop blaming immigrants about the COVID-19 pandemic and instead focus on the public health crisis. In order to help protect public health, they urge the federal government to stop ICE operations, release immigrants in detention if […]

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