Ferguson and Salinas: Parallels.

In the small town of Salinas, CA, four Latino men were shot to death by police officers last year. Those incidents have sparked outrage, protests and calls for a federal investigation in this largely Latino city. Still, unlike similar incidents in Ferguson and New York against Black unarmed residents, these cases have gone largely unnoticed […]

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(Español) Los MacArturos llegaron a Salinas: Foro Púbico de Radio Bilingüe-CBDIO

(Español) Los MacArturos vinieron a CSUMB porque muchos de sus estudiantes son los primeros en sus familias en asistir a la universidad, y más de un tercio de ellos son latinos. Pero también porque Salinas está tocado por la violencia que flagela a miembros de la comunidad latina en el área.

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Homero Aridjis

City of Zombies.

Renowned Mexican poet and author Homero Aridjis comments on his most recent novel, Ciudad de Zombis, which pictures Mexico’s current reality of violence, corruption, impunity, and indifference. A leading champion for the environment and social justice in Latin America, Aridjis is coming to California to speak about the challenges that the power of organized crime […]

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Improving Health Marketplace Enrollment.

Community organizations are accelerating efforts to enroll Latinos during the current open enrollment period of the health insurance marketplace. Applicants need to get enrolled by February 15 to get health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act. A high health care official comments on the changes that the health system is making to help and […]

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Agustín Lira.

Mexican-American singer, composer and playwright Agustín Lira talks about his music and comments on social issues. Lira is co-founder with Luis Valdez of El Teatro Campesino and winner of the lifetime honor of the National Heritage Fellowship by the National Endowment for the Arts. This is a repeat edition to mark the celebrations of Martin […]

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Executive Action and U and T Visas.

As part of President Obama’s executive action on immigration, the Department of Labor (DOL) can now certify applications for U and T visas for several new workplace crimes, including fraud in labor recruitment and extortion. During this program, U and T visa experts will explain what these visas are, who qualifies, and how to identify […]

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Peña Nieto at the White House. Also, Immigrant Detentions.

Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto visits the US and meets with President Obama today. A number of groups are descending on the White House to protest the human rights crisis in Mexico and the disappearance of students in Iguala, Mexico. Guests: Ted Lewis, Human Rights, Global Exchange, San Francisco, California; Cirpriana Jurado Herrra, Solidaridad Obrera, Santa […]

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Latino Education: Crisis and Response.

This is a repeat of a live broadcast from a community forum in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles on the crisis in the education of Latino students. A renowned scholar says that Latinos, the fastest-growing group, is the most poorly educated and warns of a looming social disaster. Intellectual leaders of the national […]

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Dwayne and the TexMexplosion.

This Holiday edition features an interview with young accordion virtuoso Dwayne Verheyden. Born in The Netherlands, Dwayne grew up listening to Tex-Mex music. He created his own band, “Dwayne and the Texmexplosion,” and eventually got to perform with Flaco Jiménez and other legends of Tejano music. This year, Dwayne created a sensation at the Tejano […]

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Driver’s Licenses.

With only days left until the law allowing undocumented immigrants to apply for drivers licenses in California takes effect, the DMV has unveiled emergency regulations clarifying the forms of identification needed to prove residency. Beginning January 1, all immigrants in the state will be able to get a driver license. The DMV warns customers to […]

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