Migrant Health. Also, My Health LA.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 5. PROGRAM # 7623 12:00 PM PT Migrant Health. About half of non-citizen immigrants from Latin America are left out of the US health care system, with most living in poverty and many suffering from diabetes. A detailed report on this issue is being issued at a bi-national forum on migrant health today […]

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International Tribunal of Conscience. Also, Ayotzinapa Mothers. Also, Colombian Peace Pact.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1. PROGRAM # 7621 12:00 PM PT International Tribunal of Conscience. On the first anniversary of the disappearance of 43 Ayotzinapa students and the opening session of the United Nations, an international grassroots tribunal held hearings this week in New York City charging the Mexican government with crimes against humanity. Jurors from three […]

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Wage Theft, Air Pollution.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30. PROGRAM # 7620 12:00 PM PT Wage Theft, Air Pollution. Warning that companies that pollute the air are the same ones that cheat the workers, labor and environmental groups are joining forces to push for laws, currently pending in Sacramento, that help workers recover earnings lost to wage theft and reduce oil […]

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Immigration Detentions: Abusive. Also, New Asylum Win.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22. PROGRAM # 7614 12:00 PM PT Immigration Detentions: Abusive. A federal bipartisan commission blasted the U.S. immigrant detention system, warning that the detainees are illegally being treated as criminals and drawing special attention to the abusive treatment of migrant children and families seeking asylum. A news correspondent reports on the recent death […]

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(Español) “Ya no es tiempo de nomás estar observando… es hora de pintar la Casa Blanca de café”.

(Español) Sobre los candidatos presidenciales republicanos en relación a la inmigración, las reformas al derecho a la ciudadanía por nacimiento y los desafíos que enfrentan los latinos para llegar a ser una fuerza electoral que se tome en cuenta.

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Latinos’ Growing Power. Also, Jane Chu: NEA Chairman.

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21. PROGRAM # 7613 12:00 PM PT Latinos’ Growing Power. A conversation with civil rights pioneer José Angel Gutiérrez during a visit to California. Gutiérrez talks about the Republican presidential candidates’ calls to reform birthright citizenship, the rise of “outsider” candidates on both parties, and the challenges faced by Latinos to become a […]

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Parks for All.

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 17. PROGRAM # 7611 12:00 PM PT Parks for All. Latino residents in rural areas around the nation live in neighborhoods that are poor in parks and green space, and urban greenery is associated with health benefits. In Fresno, CA, a city among the lowest-ranking in a national study on access to parks, […]

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Huelga! Fifty Years.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16. PROGRAM # 7610 12:00 PM PT Huelga! Fifty Years. On Mexican Independence Day, fifty years ago, hundreds of mostly Mexican American farm workers voted in Delano to join the strike launched by Filipino grape workers the week before. The great grape strike lasted more than five years, setting in motion a number […]

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U.S. Poet Laureate Inauguration. Also, Lifetime Poet and Activist.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 15. PROGRAM # 7609 12:00 PM PT U.S. Poet Laureate Inauguration. Today, poet Juan Felipe Herrera has his inaugural reading as a Poet Laureate of the U.S. in the Library of Congress. For his term as the nation’s official poet, Herrera chose a project titled “La Casa de Colores.” His vision is to […]

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Reforming Guest Worker Program. Also, Au Pairs: Cheap Child Care?

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9. PROGRAM # 7605 12:00 PM PT Reforming Guest Worker Program. As Congress resumes sessions, conservative members of Congress move in the appropriations process to block new rules issued by the Department of Labor to bring protections for foreign guest workers, while progressive congressmembers prepare legislation demanding stronger protections against the abuse of […]

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