Defeating Voter Abstention.

On National Voter Registration Day, dozens of national Latino groups join forces in a coordinated effort to register voters for the November 4 mid-term election. They expect Latinos to vote in record numbers for a mid-term election. What’s the mood among Latino voters? Will they show up to the polls this year? An expert on […]

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Latino Education: Crisis and Response – Hour Three.

In a dialogue in English with the forum’s panelists, community leaders from Boyle Heights and members of the live audience share views on the challenges ahead for Latino students and discuss actions being undertaken to tackle the education crisis. This forum airs live in simulcast with KPFK Radio in Los Angeles. Guests: Dr. Patricia Gándara, […]

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Latino Education: Crisis and Response – Hour Two.

The community forum from the Boyle Heights neighborhood in Los Angeles , where distinguished panelists tackle the Latino education crisis, switches into Spanish. What are the consequences of this crisis? What to do about it? Who needs to step up to the plate? Guests: Dr. Patricia Gándara, Author of the Book “The Latino Education Crisis”; […]

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No Mouse Music. Also, Father Solalinde in the U.S.

The new feature documentary This Ain’t No Mouse Music! tells the story of roots music luminary Chris Strachwitz, founder of independent label, Arhoolie Records. Premiering this week on the U.S. West Coast, the film includes segments of legendary accordionist Flaco Jiménez and other storied indigenous maestros whose work is threatened by commercialist pop music. Guest: […]

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Latino Education: Crisis and Response – Hour One.

A live broadcast in English from a community forum in Los Angeles on the crisis in the education of Latino students. A renowned scholar says that Latinos, the fastest-growing group, is the most poorly educated and warns of a looming social disaster. Intellectual leaders of the national group known as Los Macarturos respond to the […]

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Young members of the movement of string bands known as jaraneros, talk about the growing presence of Son Jarocho in California and the U.S., and the power of this music to build community around festive gatherings. Members of the Grammy-nominated group Los Cojolites, they also talk about their cross-border collaboration. Guests: Jacob Hernández, marimbol player, […]

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Latino Education.

In her most recent book, a distinguished scholar makes a compelling business argument in favor of bilingualism, to get leaders to rethink old education policies and families to encourage kids to hone bilingual skills. She also discusses actions that are needed to turn around Latinos’ current reality as the most poorly educated group in the […]

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Latino Eco Festival.

Announced as the world’s largest Latino-themed environmental festival, hundreds gather in Colorado to discuss issues such as clean air, natural foods, protected lands, water stewardship and environmental justice. They also seek to reconnect Latinos with their long history of Green activism. A renowned poet and activist comments on environmental issues affecting Mexico. Guests: Midy Aponte, […]

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Immigration Edition.

The wife of an immigrant detainee is in a hunger strike in support of her husband, who fasted for several weeks last Spring protesting detention conditions and family separation. The new protest is in anticipation of a critical immigration hearing that’s being held today. A White House Spokesperson comments on President Obama and his decision […]

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Deadline to Show Documents for Health Coverage.

More than 300,000 consumers could lose their health coverage by September 30 if they don’t provide citizenship or immigration papers to prove their eligibility. They are being asked to submit supporting documents to clear inconsistencies found in their enrollment applications. A health marketplace official and a community advocate clarify this verification process and discuss preparations […]

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