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Trump’s Cabinet Nominees Make Clear Harsher Policies Near

Washington, the responses of Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees for the Department of Justice and Homeland Security, during their Senate hearings, reflected harsher immigration and civil rights policies around the corner. This generated a new wave of concern among activist and immigrants. c José López Zamorano reports from Capitol Hill.

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For Female Farmworkers, Work Never Stops

It’s times when she can’t work, like when she was pregnant, that things become difficult. Female farmworkers do not receive maternity leave, so during those months during and after the pregnancy Benito’s family was forced to rely on her husband’s paycheck.

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Mumps Cases Spike, Raising Questions About Need For Vaccine Boosters

Dr. Janell Routh, a medical epidemiologist for the CDC who specializes in mumps, said it’s not surprising outbreaks are occurring on college campuses, where students often live in close quarters, eat together and party together. Dr. Dirk Haselow, the state’s epidemiologist and medical director of outbreak response, said the state’s health department has been holding clinics in places like churches, and schools to dispense the MMR vaccine.

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Fear Of Deportation, Hate Crimes Reportedly Threaten Mental Health Of Young Californians

Even before the election, nearly half of 11th and 12th graders at the school reported frequent, sad and hopeless feelings, and nine percent had seriously considered suicide, according to the 2014-2015 California Healthy Kids Survey.

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Modulo para asistencia sobre la sequia en Porterville.

Can Well Drilling Be Stopped in California County Hit by Drought?

Under pressure from a new state law to administer water more efficiently, the board of supervisors of Tulare County, in California’s Central Valley, agreed to prepare a proposal to limit permits to drill new agricultural wells.

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Republicans Take First Steps toward Repealing Obamacare

This week the 115th Congress began sessions among mutual expressions of collaboration between the Republican majority and the Democratic minority. But the climate of bipartisanism was short-lived.

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(Español) Frontera de Paneles Solares o Muro de Trump

(Español) La gran mayoría de los empleos que se han perdido, no tienen que ver con comercio ni con China. Tienen que ver con la alta tecnología, los robots, la automatización. Eso es lo que al mismo tiempo está reduciendo el empleo tradicional de las fábricas”.

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Portada de "The Upside Down Boy". Ilustración de Elizabeth Gómez.

Literary recommendations for the Holiday season (Spanish only)

(Español) “La flor de oro” de Nina Jaffe, “The Upside Down Boy” y “Portraits of Hispanic American Heroes” de Juan Felipe Herrera, “La Distancia entre Nosotros” de Reyna Grande, y “Return to Sender” de Julia Álvarez.

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Un estanque de evaporación de aguas en Kings County, una porción del Valle de San Joaquín, CA.

Will the New Water Law Relieve Poor Families’ Crisis?

“The farmworkers are still affected…there are more tan 2000 small water Wells that have no more water so these communities have to use bottled water.”

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20 Years After Peace Accords, Mayan Survivors Seek to Heal Wounds

This week marks 20 years since the signing of the peace accords that ended a long civil war in Guatemala. The armed conflict between rebel groups and the government of Guatemala left around 200,000 people dead.

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