Monday April 6<em>12:00 PM (PacificTime)</em>

Línea Abierta

Monday April 612:00 PM (PacificTime)

COVID-19: Latest Update. As the US becomes the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, with cases approaching the 300,000, ten million workers filed new jobless claims in the past two weeks and economists predict the figure could rise to 30 million by the end of April. Photo: Eugene Daniel III/Facebook
Tuesday April 7<em>12:00 PM (PacificTime)</em>

Línea Abierta

Tuesday April 712:00 PM (PacificTime)

Immigration Edition. The Congressional Hispanic Caucus is calling on ICE to release thousands of immigrant detainees who are at risk of coronavirus. Photo:
Wednesday  April 8<em>12:00 PM (PacificTime)</em>

Línea Abierta

Wednesday April 812:00 PM (PacificTime)

Coronavirus: The Facts. Scientists comment on basic facts and common questions on the coronavirus disease, including who are at most risk of serious illness, who should keep social distancing and how to disinfect food packages.Photo: Kids Coder Club/Facebook
Thursday   April 9<em>12:00 PM (PacificTime)</em>

Línea Abierta

Thursday April 912:00 PM (PacificTime)

Coronavirus Emergency Aid. As businesses closed and workers lost their jobs in record-setting numbers in recent weeks, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, also known as CARES Act, was signed into law, the largest ever economic stimulus package in the nation. Photo:
Friday  April 10<em>12:00 PM (PacificTime)</em>

Línea Abierta

Friday April 1012:00 PM (PacificTime)

Mexico Edition. Línea Abierta provides a weekly edition to report and provide analysis on top news developments around Mexico. In this collaboration, Martha Elena Ramírez host of the Voz Pública program in Mexico City, facilitates interviews with newsmakers and calls from listeners. Photo: México a través de una lente/Facebook
Kenia Alcocer, organizadora de la Unión de Vecinos.

Edición Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

3 April, 2020

*Census Count Extended Due to Coronavirus Crisis
*Tenants on Strike Demand Forgiveness, Not Rent Freeze
*Latino Congressmen Call for Release of Detained Migrants

Los zapatos frente al edificio del Capitolio en Puerto Rico representan las 4 mil 645 muertes atribuidas al huracán María. Foto: PRI.

(Español) El COVID-19 y el latente trauma boricua

6 April, 2020

This entry is only available in Español.

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