Monday June 29<em>12:00 PM (PacificTime)</em>

Línea Abierta

Monday June 2912:00 PM (PacificTime)

Same-Sex Marriage: A Right. Gay couples have a right to marry in all 50 U.S. states. The US Supreme Court also ruled that 14 states now have to stop enforcing their bans on same-sex marriage. Photo: The California Endowment/Facebook
Tuesday June 30<em>12:00 PM (PacificTime)</em>

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Tuesday June 3012:00 PM (PacificTime)

Juan Villoro. Also, Lila Downs. A conversation with renowned Mexican writer and journalist Juan Villoro. During his decades in journalism, Villoro has been covering Mexico’s elections, Mexican media and popular culture... Photo: CONACULTA / Las Gringas Blog
Wednesday July 1<em>12:00 PM (PacificTime)</em>

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Wednesday July 112:00 PM (PacificTime)

Charleston Church Shooting. A young white gunman has been arrested in connection with the killing of nine black parishioners at a Charleston Church in South Carolina, leaving the nation shaken. Federal authorities are likely to file hate crime charges Photo: Noticias Cristianas de Actualidad
Thursday July 2<em>12:00 PM (PacificTime)</em>

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Thursday July 212:00 PM (PacificTime)

Migrant Hero. The public television network PBS is featuring online a short film on Hugo Morales, a Mixtec Indian who went from migrant farmworker as a child to Harvard graduate and to creator of the Latino radio network in US public broadcasting. Photo:
Friday July 3<em>12:00 PM (PacificTime)</em>

Línea Abierta

Friday July 312:00 PM (PacificTime)

Mexico Edition. Martha Elena Ramírez hosts the program Voz Pública from Mexico City. The civic journalist brings news and analysis on Mexican developments. Photo: iivangm/Flickr
Foto: Terrenos donde se hallaba la empresa ASARCO. Cortesía de la Universidad Estatal de Nuevo México

Edición Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

3 July, 2015

*Family of Immigrant Who Died in Private Prison in Arizona Wants Answers.
*Sick Workers: Legacy of Long-gone Smelter Company in Texas.
*Gay Couples Celebrate after Historic Victory for the Right to Marry.

Accion Afirmativa

(Español) Suprema Corte y acción afirmativa

1 July, 2015

This entry is only available in Español.


(Español) Pide Obama que se levante el embargo a Cuba

1 July, 2015

This entry is only available in Español.

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