Monday February 11<em>12:00 PM (PacificTime)</em>

Línea Abierta

Monday February 1112:00 PM (PacificTime)

El Salvador: New President. Former San Salvador mayor Nayib Bukele was elected president in El Salvador with promises to combat corruption and violence, and stop mass migration. Photo: Nayib Bukele/Facebook
Tuesday February 12<em>12:00 PM (PacificTime)</em>

Línea Abierta

Tuesday February 1212:00 PM (PacificTime)

Immigration Edition. The lawyer of 25 undocumented former Trump employees charge the president with criminal conspiracy to violate immigration and trafficking laws and a US legislator urges the FBI to investigate the case and protect the witnesses. Photo: Senator Bob Menendez/Flickr
Wednesday   February 13<em>12:00 PM (PacificTime)</em>

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Wednesday February 1312:00 PM (PacificTime)

Fairness in the Fields. Democratic US legislators introduced the Fairness for Farm Workers Act to end the exclusion of farm workers from federal labor protections such as overtime pay and minimum wage. Photo:
Thursday   February 14<em>12:00 PM (PacificTime)</em>

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Thursday February 1412:00 PM (PacificTime)

Lighting the New Fire. With a ceremony of the Lighting of the New Fire, P’urhepecha migrants living in the US Northwest celebrated the beginning of the New Year in the tradition of this ancient people from Western Mexico. Photo:
Friday  February 15<em>12:00 PM (PacificTime)</em>

Línea Abierta

Friday February 1512:00 PM (PacificTime)

Mexico Edition.Martha Elena Ramírez hosts the program Voz Pública from Mexico City. The civic journalist brings news and analysis on Mexican developments. Photo: Blog de Gina/Facebook
Ofrenda Purépecha.

Edición Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

8 February, 2019

*Latino Attorney General Rebuts Trump’s State of the Union
*Latina Voter in Texas Rejects Attempted Purge from Voting Rolls
*Purhépechas Keep Mexican Traditions Alive in Northwestern US

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