Edición Semanaria

Donald Trump Investigated for Alleged Obstruction of Justice – This week, according to reports, President Trump has become a target of special prosecutor Robert Mueller, who is investigating Russian interference in last November’s election. While Attorney General Jeff Sessions sought to exonerate the president and his collaborators during testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, Democratic lawmakers ratcheted up pressure to get to the bottom of the scandal, while Republicans controlling Congress remained silent. From Washington, Jose Lopez Zamorano has the details.

Migrant Day Laborers Achieve Historic Deal in Washington State – After four years of disputes and strikes, a group of unionized farmworkers in Washington State won a contract agreement this week with agribusiness Sakuma Brothers Farms. The tentative deal marks an historic milestone as the first such agreement achieved by rural indigenous Mexican day laborers, who formed a legally recognized independent union just one year ago. Our correspondent, Jose Luis Buen Abad, has this report.

Pioneering “Medicaid-for-All” Bill About to Become Law in Nevada – In Nevada, a plan that would offer Medicaid to all residents may soon become law. At the close of this edition, it is still awaiting the signature of Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval, who has just hours to take action. If he abstains, the plan will automatically become law. The bill, known as the Nevada Care Plan, arose in part as a response by Democratic lawmakers to Washington’s drastic cuts to Medicaid, a widely popular program in Nevada. Assemblyman Nelson Araujo, a supporter of the plan, shared some details about this pioneering initiative—one without precedent in the United States—with our executive producer, Samuel Orozco.

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