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“Salt of the Earth” At Sixty.

On the 60th anniversary of the blacklisted film Salt of the Earth, unionists, scholars and Chicano activists mark the milestone with celebrations. The film portrays a real life strike of Chicano mine workers in New Mexico and the revolutionary role their wives played in the picket lines. Rosaura Revueltas, the Mexican actress who starred in […]

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Poniatowska Wins Cervantes Prize.

Mexican journalist and author Elena Poniatowska won the Cervantes Prize, the highest literary honor of the Spanish-speaking world. She became the first Mexican woman in receiving this prestigious award. Poniatowska, 81, is the author of “Massacre in Mexico,” “Hasta No Verte Jesús Mío,” and most recently “El Universo o Nada”, among many books. In this […]

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Foto: Sitio web ERRE

Artist reflects on privatization of oil in Mexico

The heated debate over oil privatization in Mexico has arrived in Los Angeles. In addition to political discussion, there is also now artistic reflection, by the well-known cross-border artist, Marcos Ramírez ERRE. The exhibit is titled “A Game of Deceptioon: Of Oil, Soccer, and other Bets” and is being shown at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach. Our correspondent in Los Angeles, Rubén Tapia, has more on the exhibit and the artist. This feature is part of the series Raíces: Stories About Grassroots Artists.

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Dragon en Mall

Youth keep lion dance alive in California

Richly ornamented lion heads jump and move with energetic waving movements during the parades to celebrate Chinese New Year, in late January or early February. With the lion dance, young dancers from California are keeping a tradition alive, dancing in the streets with colorful lion costumes, to the rhythm of a drum. The ancient Chinese tradition has its roots in kung fu and other martial arts, and it is supposed to scare away bad spirits and bring good luck. Our reporter, Farida Jhabvala Romero, attended a lion dance in Newark, in Northern California, where she was surrounded by dozens of smiling children and families enjoying the show. This feature story is part of our series Raíces: Stories about Grassroots Artists.

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Póster del evento de Zeque Peña. Foto: Fernando Andrés Torres

A tribute to the pachucos’ poet, José Montoya

More than 1,000 people filled a theater in downtown Sacramento, the capital of California, to give homage to the pioneer of the Chicano arts movement, José Montoya, who died in September at 81. The posthumous tribute was an extraordinary meeting of Chicano intellectuals and social activists of Northern California. Fernando Andrés Torres was at the tribute event and has this story, to remember this great poet and painter. This feature is part of our series  Raíces: Stories About Grassroots Artists.

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Grammy Awards Speak to Undocumented Immigrants

“We are proud to be children of immigrant parents, and we dedicate this award to the more than eleven million undocumented people that live and work really hard and that still need to live a more dignified life in this country,” Hernández said during her acceptance speech.

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The new book by acclaimed Mexican author Paco Ignacio Taibo II entitled “Yaquis” tells the story of an indigenous people that waged the longest armed resistance in the history of Mexico and perhaps Latin America. For centuries, the Yaqui Indians of Sonora fought back against those who wanted to take away their lands and colonize […]

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Remembering Pioneering Poet.

  José Montoya inspired generations of students, farm workers and activists to be courageous and fight for their rights through civic participation and art. After working in the fields picking grapes as a child, he became a trail blazer, poet laureate of Sacramento and one of the most influential figures in California Latino history. This […]

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(Español) Santa Cecilia dedica su Grammy a 11 millones de indocumentados

(Español) A pesar del significado de la dedicatoria y las raíces mexicanas de los integrantes de “La Santa Cecilia”, la noticia fue ignorada por la mayoría de la prensa mexicana, que sólo destacó en primeras planas el Grammy especial que le dieron al compositor yucateco, Armando Manzanero.

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Black beens

The culture-crossing black bean legacy

I have since learned to prepare the dish, knowing that it takes little time to prepare but a long time to cook. It waits for me when I’m late arriving at my apartment, or if I want to reminisce with friends a little of the home I left not so long ago.

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