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Immigration Edition.

This week’s marks the two anniversary of DACA, the program that defers deporting undocumented immigrants who arrived as children. Hundreds of thousands have yet to apply for the benefit. How can DACA reach them, especially those in rural areas? Analysts also comment on the role immigration played in the recent primary races of leading Republicans […]

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Using ACA’s Health Plans.

The Affordable Care Act’s first open enrollment period is over and now millions of newly-insured patients are learning to navigate the often complicated health care system. A top official of the White House’s health department and an analyst joined this program and commented on the experience patients are encountering when seeking services under the health […]

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Mexico Edition.

While the World Soccer Cup begins in Brazil, Mexican legislators approved the secondary laws of the energy reform bill, which would allow foreign companies to own not only oil, gas and electricity, but also water, farmland, forests, rivers and seas. Senators who opposed this decision said with this new legislation many towns won’t be able […]

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Open Internet Debate Heats Up.

A growing battle is heating up after the Federal Communications Commission in the U.S. released proposed rules for net neutrality or Open Internet. Experts discuss key questions on the new rules that propose a two-tiered internet and suggest a reclassification of the internet as a public utility. Guests: Dr. Roberto Gallardo, Project Director, Southern Rural […]

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You are what you eat. (Repeat)

Cardiologist Jorge Bordenave returns to Línea Abierta to discuss the tips from his book Change Your Diet, Change Your Health. Bordenave says that food can either help you stay healthy, or can get you seriously sick. He says food can actually help us heal from diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other chronic diseases. What should […]

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Executive Action and Humanitarian Crisis at the border.

President Obama’s decision to delay his review of U.S. deportation policies until the end of the summer was received with disappointment among some and support among others. News developments to discuss include the federal action to provide relief and care to unaccompanied children from Mexico and Central America who are crossing the border in growing […]

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Pollution Rules for Power Plants.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposed the first-ever limits on dangerous carbon dioxide emissions spewing from power plants, the largest source of carbon pollution in the U.S. This action against big carbon polluters is the keystone of President Obama’s plan to fight global warming. Latinos have a special interest on issues related to air quality: […]

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Mexico Edition.

The constitutionalist Jaime Cardenas considers the “autodefensas” from Michoacan to be a legitimate and legal group, which could be incorporated into the National Guard, a security entity that although is not named under any government branch, it operated in the 19th century. Cardenas explains that under the constitution, citizens have the right to life, liberty, […]

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Worker Protections from Retaliation.

California is implementing new, groundbreaking laws to stop unscrupulous employers from retaliating against immigrant workers who report abuses such as wage theft or unsafe working conditions. These laws may bring some relief to vulnerable employees working in low-wage industries. Advocates give details of the state laws, federal laws and discuss specific cases of retaliation. Guests: […]

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Primary Elections Results.

The day after seven states held primaries, contributors report on the results of key statewide and congressional races in California and New Mexico. Analysts comment on the meaning of Tuesday’s results for the general elections in November and the low voter turnout in California. Guests: Araceli Martínez, News Reporter, Radio Bilingue, Los Angeles, CA; Erica […]

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